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Long-Time Clarion Softball Coach Shofestall Announces Retirement — Clarion SportsZone Story

Coach Dan Shofestall, with Kait Constantino after presenting her with her District Nine Silver Medal in 2019. Photo by Kim Constantino, courtesy Clarion SportsZone

CLARION, Pa. – Clarion Area Softball Coach Dan Shofestall retired recently, closing out a stellar thirty-plus year career that spanned parts of five decades, patrolling the diamonds, including Little League Baseball, Little League All-Stars and for the past fifteen years with the Bobcats.

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It is impossible to describe the countless hours in this labor of love that this fine man has given to his players and their families, his assistant coaches, opposing coaches, Clarion Little League and the Bobcats Softball program in general.

In typical Dan Shofestall fashion, when I mentioned wanting to do an article and wanting quotes, he was a bit hesitant, not wanting to miss anyone who he felt should be recognized. But in his assessment, there is too vast a number of individuals that have worked with him in his passion for the kids for him to recall everyone.

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