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Farrell School Board Votes to Move Steelers to WPIAL; Ball in District 10’s Court

Farrell won the regional title in basketball in 2022-23

FARRELL, Pa. – The Farrell School Board Monday night voted 8-1 to have the Steelers sports programs move from District 10 to the WPIAL.

The request now goes to the District 10 committee, which would have to approve the move, not a sure thing. If District 10 approves the move, then the WPIAL (District 7) would have to vote to accept the school.

The vote by the school board came after a pair of racially charged incidents this fall, one involving the volleyball team and one involving the junior high football team, and Farrell’s belief that District 10 hasn’t done enough to address either incident or incidents that have happened in the past.

This is the second time since joining District 10 in 2006 that Farrell has tried to move back to the WPIAL, where it has a storied history with 13 WPIAL basketball titles, six WPIAL football titles, and 20 WPIAL girls’ volleyball championships. In 2015, District 10 rejected the Steelers’ attempt to move back into the WPIAL.

Farrell is hopeful that if District 10 and the WPIAL accept the transfer they could do so for the next sports season (2024-25). But with the PIAA releasing reclassification numbers sometime within the next month or so, there is no guarantee the organization would allow the move to happen that quickly.


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