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District 4/9 Class 3A Wrestling Championships Slated for Saturday

The District 4/9 Championships is scheduled for Saturday (Feb. 20) in Clearfield, with the top two grapplers in each weight class (a true second will be determined) advancing to the NW Regional tournament next weekend (Saturday, Feb. 27) in Altoona. Wrestling starts at 9:30 a.m. and will run continuously. Finals are anticipated between 5-6 p.m.

(Note: Records are per as of Wednesday, Feb. 17. PA Power Wrestling [PAPW] state and regional [Districts 4, 6, 9, and 10] rankings are as of Wednesday, Feb. 17 and do not necessarily reflect all potential postseason weight changes.)

(Editor’s Note: Placements reflect seeding order. They are not predictions.)

106 Pounds: 1. Cael Nasdeo (12-0) – Williamsport 

  1. Dysen Gould (4-1) – Punxsutawney 
  2. Evan Davis (12-6) – Clearfield

Notes: Nasdeo, a sophomore, won districts at this weight class last year, pinning Davis in the third period. PAPW has Nasdeo ranked sixth in the state and first in the NW Region. Gould is a freshman and ranked fifth regionally. Davis qualified for regionals last year after finishing as the district runner-up (see previous). He is the region’s sixth-ranked 106-pounder.

113 Pounds: 1. Ryan Gavason (17-8) – Selinsgrove 

  1. Luke Seagraves (1-5) – Williamsport 
  2. Devan Poe (5-5) – Bradford 

Notes: A freshman, Gavason is ranked sixth regionally. Seagraves, a sophomore, qualified for regionals last year at 113 pounds. Poe is a junior.

120 Pounds: 1. Davey Aughenbaugh (14-4) – DuBois 

  1. Devin Harris (6-5) – Williamsport 
  2. Leo Martinez (12-2) – Selinsgrove 

Notes: Aughenbaugh and Harris are both freshmen, with the former ranked second in the region by PAPW and the latter fifth. A junior, Martinez qualified for regionals in 2020 at 106 pounds.

126 Pounds: 1. Carter Weaver (14-2) – Williamsport 

  1. Nolan Barr (15-3) – Clearfield 
  2. Brendan Orr (9-7) – DuBois 

Notes: Weaver won districts last year at 120 pounds, advancing to states after taking second at regionals. The sophomore is ranked 14th in the state by PAPW and fourth in the NW Region. Barr, a junior, is a two-time district runner-up, finishing second a year ago at this weight. He holds down the sixth spot in the NW Region poll. Orr won districts in 2020 at 113 pounds. A junior, he is ranked eighth regionally.

132 Pound: 1. Aiden Gaugler (27-3) – Selinsgrove 

  1. Brett Thompson (7-2) – Bradford 
  2. Braden Bower (14-2) – Williamsport 

Notes: Gaugler, a junior, is a two-time district runner-up, earning the second spot on the podium last year at 120 pounds. PAPW has him ranked sixth regionally. Thompson placed second at districts in this weight class in 2020. The junior is ranked sixth in the NW Region at 138 pounds. Bower, a junior, did not compete last year. As a freshman, he won districts and ultimately qualified for states at 113 pounds. He is ranked ninth in the state and third in the region.

138 Pounds: 1. Chandler Ho (18-3) – DuBois 

  1. Luke Freeland (5-5) – Clearfield 
  2. Brice Rowan (2-2) – Punxsutawney 

Notes: A senior, Ho achieved the 100-win milestone this season. He has made the trip to Hershey as both a sophomore (third at regionals) and junior (second at regionals), finishing eighth in 2020 at 138 pounds. Though Ho was the district runner-up the past two seasons, he did take a title to conclude his freshman campaign. He is currently ranked seventh in the state by PAPW and second in the NW Region. Freeland, a junior, qualified for regionals last season at 132 pounds. Rowan is a sophomore.

145 Pounds: 1. Riley Bower (16-0) – Williamsport 

  1. Karson Kline (14-4) – Clearfield 
  2. Austin Mitchell (14-8) – DuBois 

Notes: PAPW has Bower, a junior, ranked eighth in the state and third in the NW Region at 138 pounds. A district champ the past two seasons, he won regionals a year ago at 138 pounds to make his first appearance at states. Kline is a two-time regional qualifier, doing so at this weight last year. The junior is ranked fourth in the region at 152 pounds. Mitchell qualified for regionals at this weight in 2020. A junior, he is the 24th-ranked 145-pounder in the state, third regionally.

152 Pound: 1. Roman Marrone (15-1) – Williamsport 

  1. Brady Smith (3-1) – Punxsutawney 
  2. Coltyn Sempko (6-1) – Shikellamy 

Notes: Marrone qualified for regionals a year ago at 145 pounds after taking second at districts. The junior also qualified for regionals as a freshman. He is ranked 23rd in the state and fourth in the region by PAPW at 160 pounds. Smith was a regional qualifier in 2020 at 132 pounds. PAPW has the sophomore ranked third regionally. Sempko, a junior, is a two-time regional qualifier, doing so at this weight last year.

160 Pounds: 1. Coy Bastian (25-3) – Selinsgrove 

  1. Ryan Gildersleeve (13-7) – DuBois 
  2. Drew Balestrini (6-1) – Shikellamy 

Notes: Bastian, a senior who reached the 100-win mark this season, is a three-time state qualifier, most recently making the trip to Hershey at this weight. He won districts as a freshman and junior, earning runner-up status as a sophomore. Bastian has finished second each year at regionals. PAPW has him ranked fifth in the state and second regionally. Gildersleeve is a senior. Balestrini, a senior, qualified for regionals in 2019.

172 Pounds: 1. Nick Crisp (9-0) – St. Marys

  1. Sebastian Robinson (10-6) – Williamsport 
  2. Carter Chamberlain (6-1) – Clearfield

Notes: Now is his senior season, Crisp has qualified for regionals the past two years, doing so in 2020 at 160 pounds. He is ranked 18th in the state and third in the NW Region by PAPW. Robison, a junior, was a regional qualifier last year at 160 pounds. Crisp downed Robison last year at this tournament in the 160-pound consolation semifinals. A freshman, Chamberlain is ranked fifth in the region.

189 Pounds: 1. Hayden Kovalick (13-2) – Clearfield 

  1. Steven Miller (25-5) – Selinsgrove 
  2. Waylen Wehler (9-0) – St. Marys

Notes: Kovalick, a junior, was the district champ in 2020 at 170 pounds. Miller, ranked sixth regionally by PAPW, qualified for regionals last year as a 182-pounder. He and Wehler are both sophomores, the latter ranked seventh in the NW Region.

215 Pounds: 1. Mark McGonigal (15-3) – Clearfield 

  1. Adam Young (6-1) – Shikellamy 
  2. Ryan Aument (18-5) – Selinsgrove 

Notes: A junior, McGonigal is a two-time state qualifier, doing so last year at 152 pounds after placing second at districts and third at regionals. He was a district champion and regional runner-up his freshman year. He wrestled most of 2021 at 189 pounds, where PAPW has him ranked 18th in the state and fourth regionally. Young, a senior, is a three-time district runner-up. A year ago he advanced to states as a 220-pounder. He is ranked 12th in the state at this weight and third regionally. Like Young, Aument is also a three-time regional qualifier, advancing to the state tournament last year at 195 pounds. PAPW has him ranked 16th in the state and fourth in the region.

285 Pounds: 1. Nate Schon (30-0) – Selinsgrove 

  1. Oliver Billotte (17-1) – Clearfield 
  2. Charles Crews (10-6) – Williamsport 

Notes: Schon will enter the tournament looking for his fourth consecutive district crown. He has qualified for states each of his varsity seasons, winning the 220-pound title in 2019. As a freshman he finished eighth at states and was runner-up last year, wrestling at 220 pounds on both occasions. The senior, who currently has 135 wins for his career, is ranked first in the state and region by PAPW. A junior, Billotte finished eighth in Hershey at this weight last year after winning districts and placing second at regionals. He also qualified for regionals as a freshman. PAPW has him ranked fourth in the state and second in the region. Crews, a junior, is a two-time regional qualifier at this weight. He is ranked sixth regionally.

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