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PA Football News Team Previews: St. Marys

Christian Coudriet. By Paul Burdick

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Head Coach: Chris Dworek

(Photo by Paul Burdick. Check out more of Burdick’s work here)

Assistant Coaches
Seth Field
Jim Allegretto
Mike Kunes
Zach Hoy
Jimmy Werner
Beau Iorfido
Frank Varischetti

2019 Season Record 6-5


Key Starters Lost
Cain Pfoutz,
Forrest Cressley,
Jake Walter,
Gage Burford

Offensive Starters Returning
Jr. QB Christian Coudriet, 6′, 178
Sr. WR Mike Fitzgerald, 6′, 168
Sr. WR Terry Williams, 5-10, 161
Sr. WR Bryce Walker, 5-10, 181
Sr. RB Jacob Kline, 5-11, 186
So. WR Logan Mosier, 5-10, 158
Sr. OL Simon Sheeley, 6-1, 229
Jr. OL Connor Bullers, 6′, 249
Jr. OL Colton Swanson, 6-2, 268
So. OL Caiden Baker, 6-1, 261
Sr. OL Garret Bauer, 6-1, 271

Defensive Starters Returning
Sr. DL Garret Bauer, 6-1, 271
Sr. DL Simon Sheeley, 6-1, 229
Sr. DB Bryce Walker, 5-10, 181
Sr. DB Terry Williams, 5-10, 161
Sr. DB Mike Fitzgerald, 6′, 168
So. DL Alex Lukaschunis, 5-11, 229
So. DL Waylon Wehler, 5-10, 191
Sr. LB Sean Lathrop, 6-2, 199
Sr. LB Conner Bressler, 6-1, 181
Sr. DB James Davis, 5-10, 192

Special Team Starters Returning
Sr. P Jacob Kline, 5-11, 186
Sr. Ret. Jacob Kline, 5-11, 186
So. Ret. Logan Mosier, 5-10, 158
Jr. Ret. Dalton Steele, 5-9, 152

What does your offense need to improve on from last year?
We need to be more consistent in all areas of the offense – catching the ball more consistently, running the ball with more of an attack-mentality, pass pro and run blocking need to be more physical, and execute more consistent decisions. The key to improving in those areas are to have better and more consistent practices. It’ll start with having a better preparation mind-set and having a great summer.


What does your defense need to improve on from last year
We need to be more consistent and physical tacklers. That will come with having a great summer in the weight room and having more experience in playing in our defensive scheme. Practices need to be more efficient. Our deep-ball coverage skills need to improve. Again, that will come with lots of reps this summer and getting more confident through reps in practice.


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