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2021-22 Player Profile: Caden Rainey, Union Powered by Potter County Family Campground is highlighting returning high school student-athletes this summer. The year in school listed next to the athlete’s name is the year the athlete is entering this fall.

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(Photo by Shelly Atzeni)

Caden Rainey – Senior – Union


Parents Names: Brandy Gallagher (mother, Joe Rainey(father)
Sports Played: Football and Basketball
Siblings: Cole Morris(23), Clara Rainey(14), Corey Rainey(26)
Social Media Handles: Instagram:Cadenrainey – Twitter: cadenrainey1
2020-21 Highlights: All-conference cornerback, All-conference return specialist, All-conference wide receiver, Offensive MVP
College Athletics plan if applicable: Plan on playing football in college.

Q&A With Caden Rainey

D9and10Sports: How did you first get involved in sports and did you like it?
A: Playing backyard ball with my brother Cole.


D9and10Sports: Who has been your biggest influence in life and why?
A: My brother Cole. He has pushed me to be the best I can and then some.

D9and10Sports: What is your favorite high school sports memory?
A: Getting three picks and three touchdowns three different ways in one game.

D9and10Sports: What is your favorite social media platform and why?
A: Instagram. You can post pictures on what’s going on in your life.


D9and10Sports: What would someone who is meeting you for the first time be surprised to find out about you?
A: I am faith-based.

D9and10Sports: If there was one period in history you could go back to, what would it be and why?
A: The 90s when hip hop music became popular.

D9and10Sports: What will you tell your kids someday about living through the COVID-19 pandemic?
A: It was a tough time for sports and everything in the world.

D9and10Sports: What is your ideal place to live? Country, City, Suburb and why?
A: Country, it is very peaceful and quiet.

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