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2021-22 Player Profiles: Lexi Bauer, A-C Valley Powered by Potter County Family Campground

Photo courtesy Lori Blauser is highlighting returning high school student-athletes this summer. The year in school listed next to the athlete’s name is the year the athlete is entering this fall.

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Parents Names: Michelle and Dave Bauer
Sports Played: Softball
Siblings: Riley (18), Lane (17)
Social Media Handles: None
2020-21 Highlights: I got Maxpreps softball player of the game against East Forest/ West Forest, went4-4 with a double, triple, sac bunt, 2 runs and 2RBI’s.
College Athletics plan if applicable: I do plan on going to college for something. Right now, I’m going to finish getting my cosmetology license at the Career Center. When I go to college, I’ll use cosmetology to earn money during college. I hope to play softball in college that’s kind of my dream, and playing softball at that level would be amazing. I don’t know what I would go to college for at the moment, maybe some type of therapy but I’m not really sure what I want to do for the rest of my life yet.

Q&A With Lexi Bauer

D9and10Sports: How did you first get involved in sports and did you like it?
A: When I was about 5 my parents signed my brothers and me up for baseball and we loved it. When I was 9 I started softball but didn’t love it at first because I thought it was for “Girley” girls. I soon found out that softball wasn’t for “Girley” girls and I loved it. when I started softball, I continued to play baseball until Pony league. I started travel softball at 12 because I wanted something more competitive. I still play on a travel team today and am so glad I found softball and like playing a lot.

D9and10Sports: Who has been your biggest influence in life and why?
A: My family and my friends because they’re always there for me.

D9and10Sports: What is your favorite high school sports memory?
A: Although I’m sure to make even better memories in my next two seasons, right now I’d have to say either having to catch most of the season (and not having basically any catching experience) Or getting hit at-bat almost every other game.

D9and10Sports: What is your favorite social media platform and why?
A: None.

D9and10Sports: What would someone who is meeting you for the first time be surprised to find out about you?
A: That I live on a farm with horses and I love to paint and Lane is my twin brother; he plays baseball and was the Varsity catcher for ACV in the Spring too.

D9and10Sports: If there was one period in history you could go back to, what would it be and why?
A: I would go back to when our family showed Clydesdale draft horses at fairs. The times were so fun; riding our bikes, eating lots of fair food, and playing tag in the barns.

D9and10Sports: What will you tell your kids someday about living through the COVID-19 pandemic?
A: I would tell my kids that during the pandemic school sucked, and online school was the worst thing invented. But I got good grades so maybe it wasn’t that bad of a thing. Once school opened back up, wearing masks was just irritating. Playing softball was a little confusing at times on where and when we had to wear masks but, over time we got used to it. I can definitely say that watching movies of people in school and them not wearing masks, was a little weird.

D9and10Sports: What is your ideal place to live? Country, City, Suburb and why?
A: Somewhere in-between the country and the suburb. I want a big enough yard so that my neighbors aren’t looking in my windows, but I want neighbors that I don’t have to drive to.

D9and10Sports: Is there anything you wish we would have asked you? If so, what is the answer?
A: I wish you would have asked what my favorite position is. I started playing third base when I played baseball and that’s remained my favorite position, as well as center field. I’ve continued to play third as well as 2nd, CF, and LF. The funniest thing is, last season I was the Varsity Softball Catcher and my twin brother was the Varsity Baseball catcher.

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