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TapNPay+ Band of the Week: Central Clarion

WARREN, Pa. – Throughout the school year, the YDL Sports Network will be highlighting different bands in District 9 and District 10 sponsored by TapNPay+.

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Band Director: Sarah Dawson

Band Members: 68 (Combined with Clarion, Clarion-Limestone, and North Clarion; 1st year of the combined band)

Student Leadership

  • Sr. Drum Major/Band Vice President – Ava Love
  • Sr. Drum Major – Sophia Wise
  • Jr. Drum Major – RyAnn Crusan
  • Band President – Lilly Mahle
  • Student Officer – Madi Ray
  • Student Officer – Eli Rudesyle
  • Student Office – Morgan Scheftic

Does your band compete? If so what class and in what competitions?

  • No

What is your theme for this season?

  • No specific theme – just some fun, feel-good tunes! “Great Balls of
    Fire”, “Mr. Blue Sky”, and “We Are Family”.

What is your school’s fight song?

  • The Notre Dame “Victory March”

What are some other tunes you play to hype your football team up on game days? —

  • A segment of “Jump” by Van Halen to pump up the team after
  • Final Countdown
  • 7 Nation Army
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit
  • Holiday
  • Let’s Groove
  • Hey Song

What does it look like for a band member under those Friday Night Lights? 

  • A typical Friday night football game starts out with practice at the
    school, then our lovely band parents provide us with a nutritious
    dinner that can get us through a fun night. After dinner, we load up
    all of our equipment, put on our uniforms and everything else onto
    the bus, and go on our way to head to the designated football field for
    that week. When we get to the field, we unload everything, head to
    the bleachers, and play stand tunes when we have a moment to play
    during the game. Then it’s halftime (the best part of the night).
    After we perform our halftime show, we have the third quarter free to
    go grab something to eat. The fourth quarter is where the band is the most
    obnoxious. We save all of our most fun and energetic stand tunes for
    the fourth quarter which include “Holiday” by Greenday, “Bad Romance”
    by Lady Gaga, and we play “Final Countdown” when we win the game.
    After the game, we play the Notre Dame Victory March for the football
    players to congratulate them on their win. After that, we head back to
    the bus and go on our way home after an awesome night playing for the
    football team – Compilation from Drum Major

What are some traditions your band has?:

  • A tradition the Central Clarion band has is during band camp everyone participates in something called a drill down. What that is is a contest in which band members follow rapid marching instructions to try to be the last person on the field. We do this every day in band camp and add points for the top 10, 3, and the last person to be on the field. The top 10 people with the most points at the end of the week get to participate in the drill down for the parent show. Whoever is the last on the field wins and then gets golden dinkles to wear at
    the last home game of the season.
  • Every band camp we have a marching competition, and the winner of that
    gets spray-painted golden marching shoes to wear to the last home game
    of the season.

What are some of the band’s goals moving forward? —

  • Some of the goals Central Clarion band has is to get as close as we can to perfecting our sound and our halftime show sets, and to have loads of fun – Drum Majors
  • We want to become more of a united band. It’s hard with three schools being involved, but we are moving forward and working together as one team. – Drum Majors
  • My personal goal is to always hold the students to a high standard of excellence. We want to continue building on our strong foundation as we continue to grow. We also aim to have a good time when we are together – Band Director Sarah Dawson

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