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Boys' Tennis

St. Marys Boys’ Tennis Tops Clearfield


ST. MARYS, Pa. – St. Marys boys’ tennis beat visiting Clearfield, 7-0, Monday.

Results are as follows

Dutchmen Tennis Results

Date Location/Opponent Weather Misc.
4/5 Home vs Clearfield great
Dutchmen Record (pre match) D-9 Record (pre) Opponent Record


D-9 Record (pre)
0-1 0-0



Home Record(s) Opponent Match Scores
  1. Dylan Aiello
0-1 Devan Desantis 6-1, 6-2
2.  Jon Chamberlin 0-1 Isakk Way 6-2, 6-2
3.  Ryan Hojencin 0-1 Seth Visnofsky 6-1, 6-1
4.  Nate Eckert 0-1 Ryann Norman 6-0, 6-0



Home Records Opponent Match Scores
1.  Dylan Aiello & Jon Chamberlin 0-0 Devan Desantis & Ryann Norman 8-3
2.  Nate Eckert & Ryan Hojencin Isakk Way & Seth Visnofsky 8-5
3.  Dominic Aiello &
Sean Radkowski
0-0 Braylen Way & Ethan Euilsizor 8-3

Match Totals

   Dutchmen–  7   Opponent– 0

Comments:  The team performed well tonight.  It was the first time on our clay courts and the guys adjusted by getting to the ball early and being the aggressor.  Clay is a great surface for playing defensive tennis, but there comes a time to end a point and our guys did a good job seizing those moments.  The loss to a talented Hollidaysburg team showed the team that the skills they are working on will eventually pay dividends, and to their credit many team-members were working on the small improvements they took away from that match.  Almost all were spinning their first serves in consistently, and added some rpm’s to their topspin forehands.  The senior duo of Eckert and Hojencin get a shout out for preserving the shut -out by fighting back from a early 3-5 deficit. 

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