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Boys' Tennis

Johnsonburg Boys Tennis Beats St. Marys; Cathedral Prep Gets Victory

ST. MARYS, Pa. – Johnsonburg beat St. Marys, 7-0, in boys’ tennis action Tuesday at St. Marys.

Dutchmen Tennis Results

Date Location/Opponent Weather Misc.
4/27/21 Johnsonburg
Dutchmen Record (pre match) D-9 Record (pre) Opponent Record


D-9 Record (pre)
5-3 5-1



Home Record(s) Opponent Match Scores
  1. Dylan Aiello
5-3 Jake Newman 6-0  6-2  W
2.  Nathan Eckert 5-3 Jack Elmquist 6-0  6-1  W
3.  Jon Chamberlin 3-4 Tyler Annis  6-0   6-0  W
4.  Dominic Aiello 1-0 Logan Krug 6-2  6-1  W



Home Records Opponent Match Scores
1.  Sean Radkowski & Ryan Hojencin 0-0 Newman & Elmquist 8-6  W
2.  Carter Dush & Steven Schmittinger 0-0 Annis & Krug 9-7  W
3.  Liam Brem & Luke Anderson 0-0 Marshall Hetnick & 

Caidan Bevacqua

8-1  W



Match Totals

   Dutchmen–  7   Opponent-0

St. Marys’ Coach’s Comments:  It was our senior night and we started all four in our singles matches.  In typical fashion they varied their power, spin and placement to lock up the victory in the singles matches.  This group is as determined and intense on the court as they are humble and team centered.  Their dedication to practicing hard and improving their games again allowed us to pair up some of our newer players in doubles to create some close matchups-especially at 1&2 doubles.  Many of our young players are putting in the time on their own to get better, and with the seniors gift of playing time this year we hope that this upcoming group can continue and build on the upperclassmen’s legacy.  There are a lot of important matches still to come.  Our goal of steady improvement is being met thanks to the example of our team leaders and young players eager to step up.  Congratulations and thank you to our seniors and their parents.


Cathedral Prep crossed into New York state Tuesday and beat Nichols School (NY), 3-2.

Evan Rowane (2-1) won in singles for the Ramblers while the doubles teams of Corbin Glance/Hayden Hutchinson and Brady Godlewski/Jack Foht also came home with wins.


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