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D9 2A Wrestling Preview: Weston Pisarchick Searches for Fourth Straight D9 Crown Powered by Luton’s Plumbing, Heating, & A/C

Weston Pisarchick is trying to become the first Brockway wrestler to win four straight D9 titles since Anthony Glasl in 2020.

CLARION, Pa. – Brockway’s Weston Pisarchick’s quest for a fourth straight District 9 title will be the top storyline when the 2024 D9 Class 2A individual tournament gets underway Friday, Feb. 23, at PennWest Clarion’s Tippin Gym.


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Wrestling will continue into Saturday with the Hall of Fame induction ceremony at 4:35 p.m. followed by the Parade of Champions then the finals and third-place bouts, which return to happening at the same after a year of just the finals.

The YDL Sports Network will be broadcasting action on both days with links available on those days.  The broadcasting crews are being provided by Brookville Sports, LLC, and are the guys who previously broadcast on Mega Rock.

Pisarchick (29-4), the champion at 114 pounds a year ago, is seeded No. 1 at 127 this season and is ranked sixth in the state. He is trying to become the first four-time D9 2A champion since Brookville’s Owen Reinsel completed the sweep in 2022. Brockway’s Anthony Glasl was the last Rover to do it in 2020.


Cranberry’s Elijah Brosius and St. Marys’ Aiden Beimel will push Pisarchick for the crown with both wrestlers coming in state-ranked.

Brosius (31-8) is seeded second and is ranked 12th in the state, while Beimel (37-5) is seeded third and is ranked 14th in the state. Both wrestlers were D9 runners-up a year ago with Brosius taking second at 121 pounds and Beimel second at 114 pounds.

Rounding out the top five seeds at 127 pounds are Clearfield’s Bryndin Chamberlain (20-15) at No. 4 and Port Allegany’s Isaac Postlewait (21-13) at No. 5.

Three wrestlers will be gunning for their third D9 titles including Brookville’s Cole Householder, who is wrestling at 145 pounds, Clearfield’s’ Brady Collins, who is wrestling at 152 pounds, and Kane’s Reece Bechakas, who is wrestling at 160 pounds.

Bechakas (33-3), the lone senior among those three, would seem to have the easiest path to a title, as he is the only District 9 wrestler ranked in the Top 25 at No. 9.


The 152-pound champion a year ago, Bechakas is the only wrestler in the bracket with single-digit losses.

Second-seeded Jake Henry from Central Clarion is 24-10, while the third seed, Mason Gordan from Port Allegany is 24-11. Rounding out the top five seeds at 160 pounds are Clearfield’s Will Domico (20-12) and Ridgway’s Benji Truchan (20-12).

Collins (36-2), who is ranked third in the state at 152 pounds and has a chance with a win to be a four-time champion after winning at 139 pounds a year ago, will contend with one other state-ranked wrestler in Cranberry’s Devyn Fleeger (30-8), who is ranked 15th in the state and is seeded second in the bracket.

The remainder of the top five seeds include Johnsonburg’s Avery Bittner (18-12) at No. 3, St. Marys’ Tristan Dilley (24-12) at No. 4, and Brookville’s Burke Fleming (22-14) at No. 5.

Householder (36-3), who would put himself on the path for four D9 titles if he can secure his third this season as a junior after winning at 127 pounds last year, will have to contend with a pair of state-ranked wrestlers in St. Marys’ Jaden Wehler (34-5), who is ranked 14th in the state and is the defending champion at the weight class, and Clearfield Ty Aveni (29-16), who is ranked 25th in the state.

Wehler is the No. 2 seed at 145 pounds while Aveni is the No. 3. Those two wrestled for the title a year ago with Wehler picking up an 8-0 major decision.

Rounding out the top five seeds are Port Allegany’s Aiden Furgeson (24-14) at No. 4 and Cranberry’s Danny DeLong (15-9) at No. 5.

The highest state-ranked District 9 wrestler is Port Allegany’s Carson Neely (35-0), who is ranked second in the state and is the District’s lone unbeaten wrestler. Neely won last year’s 285-pound title by injury default.

Neely is the obvious No. 1 seed, while Central Clarion’s Josh Beal (32-9) is the No. 2 seed followed by Coudersport’s Lucas Risser (18-7) as the No. 3 seed.

Rounding out the top five are Cranberry’s Henry Milford (16-10) at No. 4 and Clearfield’s Nick Bailor (15-15) at No. 5.


Led by Collins, Clearfield leads the field with three No. 1 seeds and nine in the top four.

The other top-seeded Bison are Cash Diehl at 121 pounds and Carter Chamberlain at 189 pounds.

Diehl (25-9), who is ranked 16th in the state and is seeded No. 1, will contend with the bracket with the most state-ranked wrestlers with five, all from 16th on down. Diehl finished third at 107 pounds a year ago.

Second-seeded Jared Popson (24-9) of Brookville is ranked 18th in the state, third-seeded Jayce Walter (23-14) of St. Marys is ranked 20th, fourth-seeded Ian O’Shea of Port Allegany (25-10) is ranked 21st, and fifth-seeded Andrew Coriaty (22-11) of Oswayo Valley is ranked 22nd. Coriaty was the runner-up at 107 pounds last year.

Chamberlain (26-7), who is ranked ninth in the state, is one of two state-ranked wrestlers at 189 pounds. He was the D9 runner-up last season at the same weight.

Second-seeded Easton Belfiore (29-5) of Brookville is ranked 19th.

The bracket isn’t without depth, though, as third-seeded Juuso Young (22-9) is capable of pulling an upset despite losing twice to Belfioe.

Rounding out the top five seeds are Kane’s Ben Walter (24-10) at No. 4 and Curwensville’s Alex Murawski (23-13) at No. 5.

Two additional weight classes have three state-ranked wrestlers.

At 172 pounds, Andrew Wolfanger (36-5) of St. Marys is ranked No. 9 in the state and is the top seed, Port Allegany’s Aiden Bliss (23-7) is ranked 19th in the state and is seeded No. 2, and Curwensville’s Logan Augenbaugh (35-6) is ranked 20th in the state and is seeded No. 3. Bliss was the runner-up at the weight class a year ago, while Wolfanger took third at 152 pounds

Rounding out the top five seeds are Brockway’s Jack Smith (14-9) at No. 4 and Clearfield’s Carter Freeland (10-8) at No. 5.

At 215 pounds, Port Allegany’s Miska Young (32-4), Juuso’s older brother, is ranked No. 9 in the state and is the top seed while Coudersport’s Gavyn Ayers (22-4) is ranked 19th in the state and is seeded No. 2 ahead of 14th state-ranked Gavin Hannah (31-8) of Brookville, who is seeded No. 3. Ayers pinned Hannah in the 2023 quarterfinals, the last time the wrestlers met on the mat. Ayers finished second in D9 a year ago, while Young was third.

Rounding out the top five seeds are Curwensville’s Trenton Guiher (24-12) at No. 4 and Central Clarion’s Matt Alston (19-8) at No. 5.

There are a pair of state-ranked wrestlers in the field at 114 pounds, 133 pounds, and 139 pounds.

Cranberry’s Dalton Wenner (31-4) is the highest-ranked of all of those at No. 3 at 114 pounds and won the 107-pound D9 title a year ago.

Wenner is the top seed at 114 pounds, while Ridgway’s Nate Stager (21-8), who is ranked 22nd in the state is the No. 2 seed.

Rounding out the top five seeds are Port Allegany’s Ian Fitzsimmons (30-6) at No. 3, Clearfield’s Dakota Shugarts (19-13) at No. 4, and St. Marys’ Jack Neil (11-16) at No. 5.

At 139 pounds, Brockway’s Parker Pisarchick (30-5) is ranked eighth in the state and is seeded No. 1, while Dane Wenenr (28-9), Dalton’s older brother, is ranked 16th state-wide and is seeded No. 2.

Pisarchuck was the D9 champion at 133 pounds a year ago.

Rounding out the top five seeds are Johnsonburg’s Rocco Allegretto (25-12) as the No. 3 seed, Clearfield’s Colton Bumbarger (20-14) as the No. 4 seed, and Port Allegany’s Kelvin Burgess (20-13) as the No. 5 seed.

A pair of lower state-ranked wrestlers headline the 133-pound field.

Central Clarion’s Logan Powell (29-4) is the top seed and ranked 23rd in the state while Clearfield’s Colton Ryan (29-11) is the No. 2 seed and ranked 20th in the state. Powell took fourth at 114 pounds a year ago while Ryan was fourth at 127 pounds in 2023.

Rounding out the top five at 133 pounds are Brockway’s Colton Ross (24-10) at No. 3, Cranberry’s Alex McLaughlin (15-11) at No. 4, and Port Allegany’s Colton Ferguson (13-18) at No. 5.

At 107 pounds, there is one state-ranked wrestler in Ridgway’s Michael Copello (23-4).

The top-seeded Copello is ranked 24th in the state. He finished fourth at 107 pounds a year ago.

The No. 2 seed at 107 pounds is Cranberry’s Aiden Thompson (23-8) with Curwensville’s Austin Gilliland (21-12) coming in as the No. 3 seed.

Rounding out the top five are Brockway’s Gage Park (13-4) at No. 4 and Clearfied’s Xavier Lutz (16-16) at No. 5.

The top four wrestlers in each weight class move on to next’s week Regional meet with District 10 at Sharon High School.

2024 DISTRICT 9 CLASS 2A WRESTLING SCHEDULE (Schedule subject to change) 

Friday, Feb. 23, Starting at 4 p.m. 

Preliminary Round (3 Mats)
Quarter Finals and Consolation Round 1 (3 Mats)
Consolation Round 2 (3 Mats)

Saturday, Feb. 24,

Session II – Starting at 11 a.m. 
Semifinals and Consolation Quarters (3 Mats)
Consolation Semifinals (3 Mats)

Session III – Starting at 3:45 p.m. 
5th place (3 Mats)

HALL OF FAME at 4:35 p.m. 

Parade of Champions followed by Finals/3rd place (2 Mats) – 5 p.m.



1. Clearfield 186.0
2. St. Mary’s 160.0
3. Cranberry 155.5,
4. Brookville 143.0
5. Brockway 113.0
6. Port Allegany 108.0
7. Curwensville 81.5
8. Kane 66.5
9. Johnsonburg 63.0
10. Coudersport 57.0
11. Clarion 51.5
12. Redbank Valley 42.0
13. Sheffield 38.5
14. Cameron County 21.0
14. Oswayo Valley 21.0
16. Ridgway 15.0


107 pounds: Dalton Wenner (Cranberry) over Andrew Coriaty (Oswayo Valley) (Fall at 1:01)
114 pounds: Weston Pisarchick (Brockway) over Aiden Beimel (St. Marys) (Tech fall 16-1 at 4:12)
121 pounds: Evan Davis (Clearfield) over Elijah Brosius (Cranberry) (Dec. 2-0)
127 pounds: Cole Householder (Brookville) over Cole Neil (St. Marys) (Fall at 1:31)
133 pounds: Parker Pisarchick (Brockway) over Conner Reszkowsk (Cranberry) (Dec. 7-0)
139 pounds: Brady Collins (Clearfield) over Ben Reynolds (St. Marys) (Fall at 3:01)
145 pounds: Jaden Wehler (St. Marys) over Ty Aveni (Clearfield) (Major Dec. 8-0)
152 pounds: Reece Bechakas (Kane) over Mason Gourley (Dec. 3-1)
160 pounds: Aiden Zimmerman (Johnsonburg) over Luke Ely (Kane) (Dec. 3-1)
172 pounds: Waylon Wehler (St. Marys) over Aiden Bliss (Port Allegany)(Tech fall 16-1 at 4:32)
189 pounds: Jackson Zimmerman (Brookville) over Carter Chamberlain (Clearfield) (Dec. 5-2)
215 pounds: Brayden McFetridge (Cranberry) over Gavyn Ayers (Coudersport) (Tech fall 20-4 at 6:00)
285 pounds: Carson Neely (Port Allegany) over Gavin Thompson (Brockway) (Inj. Default)


107 pounds: Cash Diehl (Clearfield) over Michael Copello (Ridgway) (Dec 10-1)
114 pounds: Brydin Chamberlain (Clearfield) over Logan Powell (Clarion) (Dec 7-4)
121 pounds: Cole Bish (Redbank Valley) over Jayce Walter (St. Marys) (Dec 8-7)
127 pounds: Dylan Deluccia (Curwensville) over Colton Ryan (Clearfield) (Dec 6-2)
133 pounds: Colton Bumbarger (Clearfield) over Ryder Kuklinskie (Curwesnville) (Fall 3:30)
139 pounds: Dane Wenner (Cranberry) over Anthony Ceriani (Brookville) (Fall 1:58)
145 pounds: Nik Fegert (Curwensville) over Avery Bittler (Johnsonburg) (Dec 4-2)
152 pounds: Andrew Wolfanger (St. Marys) over Devyn Fleeger (Cranberry) (Dec 17-6)
160 pounds: Logan Augenbaugh (Curwensville) over Coyha Brown (Brookville) (Fall 2:24)
172 pounds: Rayce Milliard (Johnsonburg) over Jack Smith (Brockway) (Fall 0:26)
189 pounds: Beau Azzato (Cameron County) over Juuso Young (Port Allegany) (Fall 1:52)
215 pounds: Miska Young (Port Allegany) over Gavin Hannah (Brookville) (Dec 4-1)
285 pounds: Cooper Rossman (Coudersport) over Bailey Miller (Brookville) (Inj. Default)


107 pounds: Austin Gilliland (Curwensville) over Gage Park (Brockway) (Dec 5-2)
114 pounds: Alex McLaughlin (Cranberry) over Ian O’Shea (Port Allegany) (Fall 3:44)
121 pounds: A.J. Barnes (Sheffield) over Antonio Thornton (Brookville) (Dec 6-3)
127 pounds: Brandon Murray (Cranberry) over Brett Moss (Coudersport) (Fall 3:23)
133 pounds: Brecken Cieleski (Brookville) over Collin Brown (Sheffield) (Dec 10-4)
139 pounds: Colton Ross (Brockway) over Chase Kyler (Sheffield) (Dec 6-5)
145 pounds: Burke Fleming (Brookville) over Nolan Barnett (Redbank Valley) (Dec 10-5)
152 pounds: Rylan Arnold (Port Allegany) over Patrick Knepp (Clearfield) (Dec 4-0)
160 pounds: Mason Gordon (Port Allegany) over Carter Freeland (Clearfield) (Dec 5-2)
172 pounds: Easton Belfiore (Brookville) over John Wright (Coudersport) (Dec 5-1)
189 pounds: Seth Stewart (Brockway) over Ben Walter (Kane) (Fall 2:10)
215 pounds: Trenton Guiher (Curwensville) over Logan Edmonds (Clarion) (Inj. Default)
285 pounds: Gabe Carroll (Redbank Valley) over Nick Bailor (Clearfield) (Fall 1:45)


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