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2022-23 Player Profile: Jaedon Yarus, DuBois Powered by Icyy Ink


Your Daily Local and D9and10Sports are highlighting returning high school student-athletes this summer. The year in school listed next to the athlete’s name is the year the athlete is entering this fall. Player profiles for the week of Aug. 21 are powered by Icyy Ink

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Sports Played: Cross Country, Swimming & Diving, Track & Field
Parents Names: Kerri & Cory Yarus
Siblings: Brother- Layton Yarus; Sister- Delaney Yarus
Social Media Handles: Instagram handle- Jaedon Yarus
2021-22 Highlights: Cross Country 5K PR- 18:40; Track & Field Times; 100 m dash- 11.41; 200m dash- 23.14; 400 m dash- 52.96; Swimming& Diving times; 50 Free Style: 22.52; 100 Free Style: 52.59; Part of the Boys 200 Free Style School Record Team with a time of: 1:30.49
Track & Field – Has been recognized as a top sprinter for boys track for two years in a row receiving the team sprinter award; 4 T&F District 9 gold medals; 2 T&F District 9 silver medals, and 3 T&F District 9 bronze medals
Swimming & Diving- 21-22 received at large State qualifying time in the 50 Free Style; Received the team 21-22 Most Outstanding Swimmer
College Athletics plan if applicable: Plans to run track in college and possibly swim



Q: What was the first sport you played? Why did you play it? Did you like it?
A: The first sport I ever did was cross country. I started running because I had a passion for running and fell in love with the sport in Kindergarten while doing my elementary school’s running club. I love the sport of running and plan on doing it for the rest of my life.

Q: What is the most important factor in you being successful in high school athletics?
A: The most important factor in being successful in high school athletics is your attitude. You have to want to succeed in order to achieve success.

Q: What is your favorite non-sports “go-to” activity?
A: My non-sport “go-to” activity is lifting weights.

Q: You could meet one sports figure, living or dead (1) who would it be and (2) what is the first thing you would ask them?
A: If I could speak to one sports figure, it would have to be Noah Lyles. I’d ask him how he knew the 200m was going to be “HIS” race.

Q: What is your favorite sport and if you could change one thing about your favorite sport, what would it be?
A: My Favorite sport is track and field and I wouldn’t change anything about it!

Q: If you could eat any food in the world right now, what would it be?
A: The food I would choose to eat would be my grandma’s pasta salad.

Q: What is your ideal vacation spot?
A: My favorite vacation would be the beach with my beautiful girlfriend, Amber Eberly, and her family.

Q: Is there anything you wish we would have asked you? If so, what is the question/answer?
A: Although I don’t have any questions that I would have you ask, I would like to say that my junior year was a very stressful and difficult year. The beginning of my cross country season in 21-22 I had an IT band strain that hindered my ability to perform at the level I hold myself to as an athlete. Throughout the season, it even caused me to sit out multiple meets and invites. However, with physical therapy, lots of stretching, and a determined mindset I was able to compete at districts and states; our team became back to back D-9 Champs in XC for the first time in 27 years. After cross country season, I went through the first half of swim season not kicking and pretty much just using my arms to swim. I was able to heal and come back to have an exceptional swim season making it all the way to States in the 50 Free, 200 free relay, and 400 free relay. Unfortunately, when track came around, it was more injuries starting at the first meet at ECC pulling my groin. I was convinced at that point I was being tested with adversity to see how far I was willing to go and push the limits. I knew that I couldn’t let that injury stop me from accomplishing the goals I had in mind. With more physical, I kept going and got faster each meet of the season. Come disticts, it was time to prove to myself and everyone else that I was going to accomplish the goals I set out for at the beginning of the season, which was to not only win the 200m, but the 400m, and the 4×100 relay titles. Thankfully my groin held up and I was able to accomplish those goals with the help of my teammates, coaches, friends, and family. I am thankful for all that have supported me and pushed me to be the best I can be (especially Coach Gressler).


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