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Voice of IUP Jack Benedict Pens Entertaining Read: “Jack Benedict My Major League life – in Broadcasting”

Photos courtesy of Jack Benedict

From “he air-balled a layup” to “someday is today”, Jack Benedict has been entertaining IUP and regional sports fans for over six decades as the “Voice of IUP” sports.

And now fans – and even those who have never heard him but enjoy a quick, great read – can enjoy some of Benedict’s most important moments throughout his radio career with the new autobiography, “Jack Benedict My Major League life – in Broadcasting”.

From his first IUP football broadcast on WDAD 1450 AM on Sept. 12, 1969, through this past fall and spring, Benedict is Mr. IUP when it comes to sports.

The book is a quick and easy read of 115 pages and can be completed in one evening or afternoon or over a couple of days.

In it are tales of broadcasting. Stories about calling a game from the roof of the indoor “press box” at Lock Haven’s gym accessible by only a rickety latter to having to broadcast games in snow, wind, and rain from outside in places like Edinboro and New Haven, Conn. are both humorous and unbelievable.

There are also great tales of the adventures going to and from games, including the 19-hour trip back from a 90-minute game in Lock Haven to Indiana in the 1980s because of a snowstorm, and plenty of other interesting tidbits and anecdotes.

Benedict, who while claiming not to be a writer keeps the pages turning, even names his IUP basketball and football “Mount Rushmores”.

Benedict offers a brief glimpse into his life story from growing up in Mt. Pleasant, Pa., to losing his wife unexpectedly to writing the book after being “furloughed” because of the COVID-19 pandemic, keeps the audience laughing, crying, and just plain out enjoying the moment.

Benedict’s book is a must-read for anyone interested in broadcasting, IUP sports, or even local sports history. It is everything you would expect from a man that has seen and done it all.

The book can be purchased online at the IUP Co-Op Store website ( in a number of different spots around Indiana, Pa., including at the IUP Co-Op Store, the Book Nook, the Renda Radio station downtown, the Hilton Garden Inn, and the Tourist Bureau in the Indiana Mall or by e-mailing ( or mailing Benedict at John. A. Benedict PO Box 244, Indiana, Pa., 15701. The cost of the book is $18.00 if bought online or in Indiana or $21.49 by e-mail or mail (a check can be mailed if requested by mail to expedite delivery). The best part, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Indiana County Humane Society and Four Footed Friends of Indiana County.

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