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PIAA Seeks To Have Family Members In Attendance For Fall Sporting Events


HARRISBURG, Pa. – All signs continue to point toward fall sports being allowed to continue, with an official PIAA announcement expected at their Board of Directors meeting on Friday.

PIAA executive director Robert Lombardi is also pushing to have fans in attendance, specifically family members.

During Tuesday’s Pennsylvania General Assembly’s Athletic Oversight Committee hearing, Lombardi raised the issue of the 25-person limit on indoor gatherings and a ban on spectators at interscholastic events.

“Two sports where some assistance may be needed are girls volleyball and girls and boys water polo,” Lombardi said. “At present, there is a limit of 25 people at indoor gatherings. That makes little sense at spacious gyms and natatoriums. Twenty-five percent capacity makes more sense.”


Lombardi also wants family members to be able to attend both indoor and outdoor sporting events. He points to the fact that this can be done at most facilities with proper social distancing guidelines being followed.

“The administration has issued guidance regarding spectators,” he said. “We believe family members in attendance are important. Parents, guardians and grandparents need to be in attendance. In almost all venues, they would be able to spread out, promoting social distancing.”

Friday’s PIAA meeting is scheduled for 3 p.m.



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