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New York Nearly Sweeps NY/PA Corporate Cup Soccer Showcase

Warren's Jack Darling receives the PA Team MVP Award following the boys' Gold Game of the 2022 NY/PA Corporate Cup Soccer Showcase. Photo courtesy Kris Linderman.

BRADFORD, Pa. – New York won three of the four 2022 NY/PA Corporate Cup Soccer Showcase games at the 6th annual event in Bradford on July 24.

Pennsylvania’s lone win came in the boys’ Silver Game, a 2-0 victory. St. Marys’s Jason McAnany and Kane’s Ethan Illerbrun scored the goals for Team PA. New York won the girls’ Silver Game with a 4-0 shutout.

McAnany was named Team MVP.

In the Gold Games, the New York girls were 5-2 winners, while the boys won 3-0. Bradford’s Maddi Cowburn and Kane’s Emily Stephan-Payne scored the PA goals.

Cowburn took Team MVP honors.


Warren’s Jack Darling was named the PA MVP of the Gold Game, with Kane’s Jillian Watts earning PA MVP honors in the girls’ Silver Game.

Final scores, stats, and award winners for each game follow:

Girls Silver game: NY 4, PA 0

Goals scored by: Lauren Viglietta (Wellsville), Sophia Riquelme (2) (Cuba-Rushford), Audrey Hurlburt (Ellicottville)

NY Sportsmanship award: Jezerae Fayson (Olean)
NY MVP award: Sophia Riquelme (Cuba-Rushford)


PA Sportsmanship award: Kailey Bartlett (Port-Allegany)
PA MVP award: Jilian Watts (Kane)

Boys Silver game: PA 2, NY 0

Goals scored by: Jason McAnany (St. Marys) and Ethan Illerbrun (Kane)

NY Sportsmanship award: Max Bee (Olean)
NY MVP award: Zander Terhune (Pioneer)

PA Sportsmanship award: Bobby Urmann (Elk County Catholic)
PA MVP award: Jason Mcanany (St. Marys)

Girls Gold Game: NY 5, PA 2

Goals scored by: Alexandra Hultberg (2) (Frewsburg), Ashlynn Samuelson (Frewsburg), Hope Russell (2) (Fillmore), Maddi Cowburn (Bradford), Emily Stephan-Payne (Kane)

NY Sportsmanship award: Brooke Butler (Ellicottville)
NY MVP award: Alexandra Hultberg (Frewsburg)

PA Sportsmanship award: Stefanie Hoyt (DuBois)
PA MVP award: Maddie Cowburn (Bradford)

Boys Gold Game: NY 3, PA 0


Goals scored by: Reiss Gaines (Bolivar-Richburg), Mitch Ward (Fillmore), Matt Weaver (Fillmore)

NY Sportsmanship award: Jack Conroy (Allegany-Limestone)
NY MVP award: Huddy Kwiatkowski (Allegany-Limestone)

PA Sportsmanship award: Josh Greville (Kane)
PA MVP award: Jack Darling (Warren)

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