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Grove City Shutting Down High School, including Sports, through Wednesday


GROVE CITY, Pa. – Grove City announced Sunday that it is shutting down it’s high school, including all extracurricular activities, through Wednesday because of COVID-19.

This will impact the football team’s preparation for the District 10 Class 3A title game currently scheduled for 7 p.m. Friday at Hickory against the Hornets.

Currently, the high school will reconvene for inperson classes Thursday, Nov. 5.



There could be the possibility that the Grove City/Hickory game could be moved back to Saturday (or even later) but no decision has been made according to District 10 chairman Pete Iacino.

District 10 previously changed the Class 4A semifinal game between Meadville and Harbor Creek from Friday, Oct. 23, to Monday, Oct. 26, because of Meadville halting activities at the school the week the game was slated to be played.

Erie High School has withdrawn from all championship events this week, including the Class 6A football title game, because if a school shutdown because of COVID-19.

Earlier this fall, McDowell boys’ and girls’ golfers had to withdraw from the District 10 tournaments when the school shut down because of COVID-19.


Over in District 9, both Johnsonburg and A-C Valley have withdrawn from the Class 1A volleyball playoffs because of COVID-19 shutdowns at both schoold and neither school participated at the D9 Cross Country championships over the weekend.

The closure at Grove City will also potentially impact the preparation of the boys’ cross country team, which is scheduled to compete at the PIAA Championships.



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