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District 10 Class 3A Wrestling Championships Feature Plenty of Firepower

The District 10 3A Championships are scheduled for Thursday at Meadville High School beginning at 4 p.m., with the top three wrestlers in each weight class advancing to next weekend’s North West Regional tournament in Altoona (March 4-5).

This preview is not intended to be a prediction but simply looks at those wrestlers who have garnered the top four seeds in each bracket.

Watch the finals live on the D10 Wrestling Facebook Page, with the prematch show beginning at 7 p.m. and action starting at 7:15. 

(Note: State rankings reflect those published by PA Power Wrestling [PAPW] on Monday, Feb. 21. Regional rankings [Districts 4, 6, 9, and 10] are those published by PAPW on Thursday, Feb. 17. As such, rankings may not, in some instances, reflect potential postseason weight changes.)

106 Pounds

1. Keagan Oler, Fr. (16-7) – Cathedral Prep
2. Ben Fuller, Fr. (21-8) – Meadville
3. Teige Berger, Fr. (25-13) – General McLane
4. Ryan Fitzsimmons, So. (5-8) – Warren
*(five-person bracket)

Notes: All wrestlers in this bracket will be making their first appearances at the district tournament. Oler is ranked third in the NW Region, Fuller fourth, and Berger fifth.

113 Pounds

1. Caleb Anderson, Fr. (22-5) – Meadville
2. Xavier Domkowski, Fr. (13-8) – Cathedral Prep
3. Ethan Snyder, Fr. (7-18) – General McLane
*(three-person bracket)

Notes: This bracket is composed entirely of first-year varsity wrestlers. Domkowski is dropping down from 120 pounds, where he was ranked sixth in the NW Region.

120 Pounds

1. Logan Sallot, Jr. (15-4) – McDowell
2. Cyrus Heard, Fr. (9-2) – Cathedral Prep
3. Mharel Lyons, Jr. (8-7) – Erie
4. Eric Conn, Jr. (1-17) – General McLane
*(four-person bracket)

Notes: Ranked 17th in Pennsylvania and second in the NW Region, Sallot qualified for states as a 106-pounder last year. A two-time district runner-up (2021 and 2020), he placed second a year ago at regionals. Hurd, making his first district tournament appearance, is moving up from 113 pounds, where he is ranked 16th in the state. Lyons and Conn are district first-timers

126 Pounds

1. Jacob Van Dee, Sr. (13-0) – Cathedral Prep
2. Mark Diat, Jr. (12-16) – Meadville
3. Cameron Williams, Fr. (6-9) – Warren
4. Ethan Brest, So. (9-15) – General McLane
*(five-person bracket)

Notes: In 2021 Van Dee won district and regionals on his way to winning the 113-pound state championship. Two seasons ago, he also won district and regionals but was a runner-up in Hershey. A state qualifier in 2019 as well, Van Dee won districts and was second at regionals that season. He is ranked first in both the state and region. Brest qualified for regionals in 2021 as the district runner-up at 120 pounds. He is ranked 21st in the statewide poll. Diat and Williams are competing at the district tournament for the first time.

132 Pounds

1. Sam Staab, Jr. (20-5) – Cathedral Prep
2. Javarie Blue, So. (13-9) – McDowell
3. Josiah Previte, Jr. (11-10) – Erie
4. Connor Kearns, Fr. (12-14) – Meadville
*(six-person bracket)

Notes: Staab qualified for regionals at 106 pounds last season after winning districts. He is ranked sixth regionally. Previte wrestled at districts in 2021 but did not place. Neither Blue nor Kearns have competed at the district tournament.

138 Pounds

1. Brighton Anderson, So. (26-6) – Meadville
2. Hudson Spires, Fr. (21-15) – General McLane
3. Pasya Kashindi, Sr. (7-8) – Erie
4. Ian Irvan, Jr. (4-11) – Cathedral Prep
*(six-person bracket)

Notes: An interesting bracket. Irvin was the district champ at 120 pounds in 2021. Kashindi wrestled at districts the past three seasons, while Anderson made his district debut a year ago. This will be Spires’s first district tournament. He will enter the event ranked seventh regionally.

145 Pounds

1. Steffan Lynch, Jr. (8-4) – Cathedral Prep
2. Logan Carrick, Sr. (23-9) – McDowell
3. Kyle Cousins, Jr. (19-17) – General McLane
4. Hector Cruz, So. (5-12) – Warren
*(fourth-person bracket)

Notes: A regional qualifier in 2020 and 2021, Lynch was the 145-pound district champion last year. He is ranked sixth regionally. Like Lynch, Carrick qualified for regionals the past two seasons and was a district champion a year ago, his title coming at 138 pounds. Carrick is ranked seventh in the NW Region. Cousins was third at districts as a 132-pounder in 2021. Cruz also wrestled at districts last year.

152 Pounds

1. Kaeman Smith, Sr. (23-2) – Cathedral Prep
2. Artis Simmons, Jr. (20-4) – McDowell
3. Chance Kimmy, So. (16-15) – General McLane
4. Westin Chess, Jr. (20-5) – Meadville
*(five-person bracket)

Notes: Smith is a three-time regional qualifier, making his way to states in 2020. He was district runner-up in 2019 and won district titles in 2020 and 2021 (132 pounds). He is ranked 15th in Pennsylvania and second in the NW Region. Simmons qualified for districts in 2021 after claiming district runner-up honors at 152 pounds. Chess is a two-time regional qualifier in 2020 and 2021, finishing as the district runner-up both seasons (last year at 132 pounds). This will be Kimmy’s second district tournament.

160 Pounds

1. Clay Mallory, So. (21-4) – Cathedral Prep
2. Caleb Butterfield, Jr. (25-7) – McDowell
3. Daniel Mulligan, Sr. (18-12) – General McLane
4. Alaric Jones, Jr. (7-14) – Meadville
*(four-person bracket)

Notes: Mallory enters his first district tournament as the 23rd ranked wrestler at this weight in the state and fifth in the region. Butterfield won districts, advancing to regionals, in 2020, but finished third here a year ago. He is ranked sixth in the northwest. Mulligan last wrestled in a district tournament at the end of the 2020 season. This is Jones’ first districts.

172 Pounds

1. Magnus Lloyd, So. (30-7) – General McLane
2. Kelyn Blossey, Sr. (16-5) – Cathedral Prep
3. Ty Tidball, So. (11-12) – Meadville
4. Matthew Eggleston, Fr. (5-8) – Erie
*(five-person bracket)

Notes: Lloyd qualified for regionals last season after winning the district title at this weight. He is ranked 12th in the state and third regionally. A three-time regional qualifier, Blossey was district champion in 2019 and 2020. Wrestling as a 160-pounder in 2021, Blossey was the district runner-up. Dropping down for the district tournament, he is ranked eighth regionally at 189 pounds. Tidball, ranked seventh in the NW Region, wrestled at districts last season, while as this will be Eggleston’s first postseason at the varsity level.

189 Pounds

1. Griffin Buzzell, Sr. (20-2) – Meadville
2. Jessi Stempka, Jr. (19-6) – General McLane
3. Tot Mata’ afa-Grove, So. (11-9) – Erie
4. Isaiah Harrick, Jr. (7-11) – Cathedral Prep
*(six-person bracket)

Notes: Buzzell, ranked fifth regionally, is a three-time regional qualifier. After finishing third as districts in 2019, he’s claimed the top step of the podium the past two seasons, last year at this weight. Harrick wrestled at districts last year. This will be the first district tournament for both Stempka and Grove.

215 Pounds

1. Troy Peterson, Jr. (22-4) – McDowell
2. Rhoan Woodrow, Jr. (18-7) – Meadville
3. Russell Wismer, Sr. (10-16) – General McLane
4. Tristan Dolan, Sr. (9-11) – Warren
*(five-person bracket)

Notes: Peterson was district runner-up in 2020 and took third in 2021. He is ranked sixth in the NW Region. Woodrow, ranked 11th regionally, won districts in 2020 and was runner-up at 215 pounds in 2021. Dolan has competed in two prior district tournaments, while Wismer is a district first-timer.

285 Pounds

1. Wilson Spires, Jr. (32-4) – McLane
2. Jack Sroka, Jr. (18-12) – McDowell
3. Caden Pustalek, Sr. (6-13) – Cathedral Prep
4. Stajion Wallace, Jr. (3-3) – Erie
*(four-person bracket)

Notes: Spires qualified for regionals in 2020 and 2021, doing so last season after finishing as the district runner-up at this weight. He is ranked 11th in the state and third in the NW region. Sroka qualified for regionals in 2020, a year in which he finished second at districts. This will be the first district tournament for Pustalek and Wallace.

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