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District 10 Announces Final Region Alignments for 2022-24 Cycle

SHARON, Pa. – With the winter playoffs in the rearview mirror, District 10 announced the basketball region alignments for the 2022-24 cycle on Monday.

Region alignments for all other sports were announced on Jan. 20, and with only Villa (to be Cathedral Prep girls, beginning Fall 2022) awaiting a decision on classification for the next cycle, the basketball regions have been approved. Cathedral Prep girls will play in either 4A or 5A, if the appeal of the automatic bump due to success factor points is successful, D10 won’t have any 5A girls teams for the next cycle.

There will be seven regions in boys’ basketball, with three 6-team regions, two 7-team regions, one 5-team, and one 8-team region.

Girls’ basketball will have six regions, with three 7-team regions, two 8-team regions, and one 6-team region.

The basketball regions are as follows:
Region 1 (all Class 1A): Commodore Perry, Jamestown, Farrell, Kennedy Catholic, Rocky Grove
Region 2 (all Class 2A): Sharpsville, Mercer, Reynolds, West Middlesex, George Junior Republic, Lakeview
Region 3: Cochranton (1A), Youngsville (1A), Eisenhower (2A), Cambridge Springs (2A), Maplewood (2A), Saegertown (2A), Union City (2A)
Region 4: Iroquois (2A), Erie First Christian (2A), Mercyhurst Prep (3A), Seneca (3A), Girard (3A), North East (3A), Fairview (3A), Northwestern (3A)
Region 5: Greenville (3A), Wilmington (3A), Hickory (4A), Grove City (4A), Slippery Rock (4A), Sharon (4A)
Region 6: Titusville (3A), Franklin (3A), Oil City (3A), Warren (4A), Corry (4A), Conneaut (4A)
Region 7: Fort LeBoeuf (4A), Harbor Creek (4A), General McLane (4A), Meadville (5A), Cathedral Prep (5A), McDowell (6A), Erie (6A)


Region 1: Jamestown (1A), Commodore Perry (1A), Farrell (2A), Kennedy Catholic (2A), West Middlesex (2A), Mercer (2A), Reynolds (2A), Lakeview (2A)
Region 2: Youngsville (1A), Rocky Grove (1A), Union City (2A), Cochranton (2A), Saegertown (2A), Maplewood (2A), Cambridge Springs (2A)
Region 3: Eisenhower (2A), Iroquois (2A), Seneca (3A), North East (3A), Mercyhurst Prep (3A), Girard (3A), Northwestern (3A), Titusville (3A)
Region 4: Greenville (3A), Wilmington (3A), Sharpsville (3A), Sharon (4A), Grove City (4A), Hickory (4A), Slippery Rock (4A)
Region 5 (all Class 4A): Corry, Oil City, Meadville, Conneaut, Warren, Franklin
Region 6: Cathedral Prep (4A/5A), Harbor Creek (4A), Fort LeBoeuf (4A), General McLane (4A), Fairview (4A), Erie (6A), McDowell (6A)

The full list of regions by sport can be found here.


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