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Cambridge Springs Students, Student-Athletes Come Together to Raise Money for Bag-3-Ton Food Drive

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CAMBRIDGE SPRINGS, Pa. – A group of Cambridge Springs student-athletes recently came together to help raise money for the school’s Leadership Council Bag-3-Ton program.

The Bag-3-Ton program is a non-perishable food drive in which the Leadership Council tries to raise three tons of food to give back to the community, and the student-athletes helped raise nearly $400 to donate towards the goal with a Powder-Puff Football game Saturday, Oct. 23.

“Our enrollment is down at the school, we are seeing less and less students in the school,” Angie Mumford, the softball coach and one of the advisors for the Leadership Council, which is a student-driven organization that does a lot of positive things for the school, said. “We talked to the kids about getting a jump start on Bag-3-Ton (by using the Powder-Puff Football game as a fundraiser), and the kids were on board. They are all about making that goa. This was an opportunity to combine two positive things together.”

Any girl who was a junior or a senior could play in the powder-puff game, and if there weren’t enough players to fill the roster then underclassmen were given the opportunity as well, according to Mumford.

“Almost everyone who participated is an athlete,” Mumford said. “Over half of our softball players played, including the quarterbacks on both teams.”

Mumford said seeing so many students in the school and so many of her softball athletes want to take part not only in the game but in raising money for Bag-3-Ton, made her proud.

“I am extremely proud of them,” Mumford said. “Our kids care about others. The understanding about giving back is something we try to instill in them both to the community and to the younger generation. We talk about being role models and how little kids, I have a 10-year old daughter myself, look up to our softball players. It’s about being that good example.”

“I am extremely proud of them our kids care about others … the understanding about giving back is something we try to instill in them … community, younger generation … talk about being role models and how little kids look up to softball players … being that good example

The powder-puff game was just one of a number of things the Leadership Council does to help raise money and food for Bag-3-Ton.

“We run a competition between all the grades in the junior/senior high school, seven through 12,” Mumford said. “Every grade does a food drive. Whichever grade brings in the most money wins a prize.

“In addition, the community is really tight-knit, and they donate as well.”

Mumford believes the Bag-3-Ton is a great service for the community.

“It’s pretty huge for Cambridge Springs,” Mumford said. “Our community is not really wealthy, so being able to come together to meet a goal and give back during the holidays is pretty impressive.”


Senior Team with Positions

Abbie Schultz (C)
Oliva Martinez (RG)
Taylor Smith (QB)
Braislee Byrne (WR)
Jasmine Peterson (RT)
Maddie Yanc (WR)
Lilly Schultz (LG)
Kylee Miller (WR)
Payton Leandro (TE)
Brooke Cole (RB)
Kaelynn Astor (LT)

Junior Team with Positions

Finley Rauscher (WR)
Maddie Dragosavac (LG)
Laura Bidwell (RB)
Emily Boylan (QB)
Makenzie Yanc (WR)
Maddie Knight (RG)
Morgan Harris (TE)
Nina Jones (C)
Mackenzie Beck (LT)
Moira Yok (RT)
Claire Mumford (WR)

Powder-Puff Staff

Cassandra Baer
Byanca Stancliff
Aubrey Klemm
Tyson Findlay
Hailee Rodgers

Senior Cheerleaders

Anne Meszarous
Ian Bond
Brock Cunningham
Tristan Mazzadra
Kyle Huya
Kyle Banik

Senior Coaches

Garrett Hodak
Colby Deets
Dayton Ridgeway
Jordan Miller
Chase Eaglen

Junior Cheerleaders

Brooke Richardson
Jordan McClelland
Dakota Newell
Kody Toner
Parker Schmidt

Junior Coaches

Jesse Daugherty
Hunter Haregsin
Ethan Counase
Jackson Carico

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