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2021-22 Player Profile: Gunner Mangiantini, Redbank Valley Powered by Potter County Family Campground

Photo by Jared Bakaysa is highlighting returning high school student-athletes this summer. The year in school listed next to the athlete’s name is the year the athlete is entering this fall.

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(Photo by Jared Bakaysa)

Gunner Mangiantini – Redbank Valley – Senior


Parents Names: Cory and Kisha Mangiantini
Sports Played: Football and Basketball
Siblings: Kaitlyn Arce 25, Hawaii, Andrew Adams 22, Texas , Meadow Mangiantini, 9
Social Media Handles: Instagram: mangiantini_1 – Twitter: QB1_Gunner
2020-21 Highlights: Personal Sports highlights from this past year (stats, team, awards, etc) 494 Passing yards, 8 Passing TD’s, 43/78 Completions, 31 Carries for 140 Rushing yards, 2 Rushing TD’s, Starting QB, Hagar Player of the Game, All-American Player of the Week, District 9 Championship, RV Offensive MVP
College Athletics plan if applicable: I would like to play football in College but I haven’t made a decision as of yet.

Q&A With Gunner Mangiantini

D9and10Sports: How did you first get involved in sports and did you like it?
A: Ever since I was a little kid I just really enjoyed sports and anything to do with sports. I loved playing them, watching them, and talking about them. I feel in love with football the most.


D9and10Sports: Who has been your biggest influence in life and why?
A: I have two people who are my biggest influences in my life and they are my parents. They have spent many years involved in local youth organizations. Coaching me, not just on the field but, they are supportive and understanding off the field as well. I would not be where or who I am today without them.

D9and10Sports: What is your favorite high school sports memory?
A: I would have to say that winning the D9 Championship last year will always be my favorite memory.

D9and10Sports: What is your favorite social media platform and why?
A: Instagram. I don’t know why it’s my favorite it’s just the platform I use the most.


D9and10Sports: What would someone who is meeting you for the first time be surprised to find out about you?
A: I feel like if someone came up to me for the first time they would see how funny and nice I am.

D9and10Sports: If there was one period in history you could go back to, what would it be and why?
A: I would want to go back to the 90’s. People say that was the best decade and I want to go back and see what all the hype is all about. The music was pretty cool too.

D9and10Sports: What will you tell your kids someday about living through the COVID-19 pandemic?
A: I feel, it all brought people closer together. We were all helping each other try and get through it. The community support is what I would want my kids to know.

D9and10Sports: What is your ideal place to live? Country, City, Suburb and why?
A: I don’t exactly know where I would pick. It would have to be somewhere with a good community, people who get along with one another and a good environment to raise kids.

D9and10Sports: Is there anything you wish we would have asked you? If so, what is the answer?
A: If I had any advice for underclassmen. I can’t tell them enough to enjoy ever aspect of the game. Whether it is practice, games, or even the small things like team bonding. Just enjoy everything! You only have these moments for a very, very short time in your life. Plus, with everything that we have went through the last year and a half, I have learned that nothing is guaranteed.

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