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2021-22 Player Profile: Catherine Kelly, Moniteau Powered by Potter County Family Campground

Photo by Ed Thompson is highlighting returning high school student-athletes this summer. The year in school listed next to the athlete’s name is the year the athlete is entering this fall.

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(Photo by Ed Thompson)

Catherine Kelly – Sophomore – Moniteau

Parents Names: Staci and Al Kelly
Sports Played: Track and basketball
Siblings: Nathan Kelly (17) Senior in high-school and Carolyn Kelly (20) junior in college
Social Media Handles: Instagram :@catherinekelly_10 – Twitter:@cath_kelly5
2020-21 Highlights: Helped Moniteau get to District 9 3A girls basketball championship , Named 3rd team all Butler County (basketball), Named District 9 Rookie of the year (basketball), named 2nd team All KSAC 3200m relay, helped Moniteau win track KSAC league championship (undefeated)
College Athletics plan if applicable: Yes, if given the chance to pursue basketball through college I will (uncommitted)

Q&A With Catherine Kelly

D9and10Sports: How did you first get involved in sports and did you like it?
A: When I was younger I always went to my siblings’ soccer games. When I was around 5 I decided I wanted to be like them and play too . As I got into school all my friends played basketball and when I was 6 I started playing basketball and fell in love with the game and haven’t stopped ever since.

D9and10Sports: Who has been your biggest influence in life and why?
A: My parents have been my biggest influences because they always push me to try new things which makes me better in and out of sports.

D9and10Sports: What is your favorite high school sports memory?
A: I have had a lot of great memories so far in my high school sports career, but my favorite is playing in my first District 9 championship game.

D9and10Sports: What is your favorite social media platform and why?
A: Instagram is my favorite because I get to share pieces and major accomplishments in my life with many other people.

D9and10Sports: What would someone who is meeting you for the first time be surprised to find out about you?
A: When most people meet me they are surprised to find out that I am the youngest in my family and not the oldest.

D9and10Sports: If there was one period in history you could go back to, what would it be and why?
A: I would like to go back to the 80s because of the fashion trends.

D9and10Sports: What will you tell your kids someday about living through the COVID-19 pandemic?
A: I would tell them that during games, practices, and meets that we had to wear masks while we performed. Also, that when we ate lunch we sat behind plexiglass and could only sit with one friend.

D9and10Sports: What is your ideal place to live? Country, City, Suburb and why?
A: My ideal place to live would be in the country because I like to be out of the way of everything, but I think I would also like to experience what living in a big city would feel like.

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