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2021-22 District 9 Girls’ Basketball Preview Powered by Potter County Campground

Dominika Logue of Union is already over 1,000 career points as she enters her senior season. Photo by Shelly Atzeni. Check out more of Atzeni's work here

2021-2022 District 9 girls’ basketball previews powered by Potter County Campground.

Note – Two District 9 teams – Sheffield and Forest Area – will not be fielding teams this year. Sheffield has entered into a co-op agreement with Warren

A-C Valley2020-21 record: 8-11 (Lost to North Clarion in opening round of D9 1A playoffs)
Head coach: Mike Meals (1st season)
Top returning players: Baylee Blauser (Sr. G/F, 5.6 ppg), Keira McVay (Jr. G), Grace Barlett (So. G), Mackenzie Parks (Jr. F), Sophia McGarvey (So. F)
Starters Lost from 2020-21: Andrea Meals, Rachel Cullen, Mia Sherman
Key newcomers: Brianna Schmidt (So. F), Gina Rhoades (So. G), Kyleigh Morrison (So. G), Meg Aughton (So. G), Colleen Verostek (So. G), Ava Snyder (Fr. G/F)
Coach’s keys to the season:We will be looking for victories in our accomplishments and in our improvement. We will need to get better at the fundamentals from game to game and week to week. To be competitive, we will have to produce some offense from our defense. We will have to play bigger than our physical stature and be able to rebound the ball on both sides of the floor. Patience will be a must, especially on the offensive side of the court. We must strive to get a quality shot each time down the floor.


2020-21 record: 0-4 (Season canceled after 4 games)
Head coach: Denise Valenti
Top returning players: Ally Nelson (Sr. G), Rebecca Zeaman (Jr. G/F), Ella Brewer (So., G), Kendyl Welsh (So., G), Savannah Horton (So. F), Jade Williams (So. F)
Starters Lost from 2020-21: None
Key newcomers: Isabella Rees (Fr., PG), Alexis Lentz (Fr., F)
Coach’s keys to the season: Our team is a significantly-young team. Our young athletes will have to work hard, focus, and advance to compete at the varsity level. A goal of ours is to be more aggressive on the offensive end and put more points on the board. We also need to take better care of the ball and make better decisions. This season is important for program building; reestablishing a strong foundation and growing as individuals and a team will be a primary focus.


2020-21 record: 6-10
Head coach: Tony Richards (1st season)
Top returning players: Alanna Benson (Jr., 10.2 ppg), Kalie Dixon (So., 3.5 ppg)
Starters Lost from 2020-21: Hannah Lary (1,000-point scorer – 1,204 points)
Key newcomers: Trinity Dial (Fr.), Makenzie Taylor (Fr.), Alyssa Johnson (Fr.)
Coach’s keys to the season: Be patient offensively passing up a good shot to get a teammate a great shot. We take it one practice at a time, one game at a time, trust each other, learn and continue to grow … Buy into the team aspect, 5 players out there on the court being one.


2020-21 record: 11-7 (Lost to Keystone in District 9 Class 2A title game)
Head coach: Dick Esposito
Top returning players: Selena Butter (Sr. F, 14.4 ppg, 12.6 rpg, 4.1 bpg, 2.3 apg, 2.1 spg, 645 career points), Danielle Wood (Sr. G, 14.3 ppg, 4.7 apg, 3.6 spg, 2.9 rpg, 1.3 bpg, 750 career points), Ciara Morelli (5.4 ppg), Nyqual Baker (Jr. F, 4.1 ppg), Madelyn Schmader (Jr. G, 3.1 ppg)
Starters Lost from 2020-21:None
Coach’s keys to the season: After losing the D 9 Championship to Keystone and not being permitted a state game the kids are very hungry and are striving for a gold medal. A difficult schedule should prepare us for late January and February. We will take no opponent lightly and will try to be prepared for this special season.


2020-21 record: 5-13
Head coach: Mark Powell
Top returning players: Alayna Haight (Sr. 12.1 ppg), Elizabeth Wonderling (Sr. 9.2 ppg). Elisa Molnar (Sr. 1.5 ppg), Kerstyn Davie (So. 5.1 ppg), Eden Wonderling (So. 5.2 ppg)
Starters Lost from 2020-21:
Key newcomers: Jordan Cook (Sr.), Taylor Rafferty (Sr.), Reagan Olson (Jr.), Hannah Lundgren (So.), Bentley Hughey (So.), Mara Bowser (So.)
Coach’s keys to the season: We certainly want to improve on last year’s record and I would be disappointed if we didn’t. I’d like nothing more than for these seniors to at least play in a playoff atmosphere game again with fans. To me, that would be a successful season where we can hopefully build for more years to come because we’re excited about the youth we have and what the future looks like, but we do need to improve right now on what we did last year.


2020-21 record: 11-12 (Lost to Elk County Catholic in D9 1A quarterfinals)
Head coach: Shannon Sullivan (1st season)
Top returning players: MiKenna Farabaugh (Sr., G, 1.4 ppg)
Starters Lost from 2020-21: Kaelee Bresslin (1,000-point scorer – 1,004 points), Hailey Hilfiger, Mallory McKimm, Reggie Goodrow, Morgan Lorenzo
Key newcomers: Delaney Rowan (Jr., G), Aubree Lorenzo (So., G), Renee Earle (Jr., F), Aaralyn Robinson (Jr., F), Maggie Abriatis (Fr., G/F), Nevaeh Spaeth (Fr., G)
Coach’s keys to the season: This season is going to be both challenging and fun as we attempt to rebuild our team. The biggest key to our season is going to be to use what we have, which is speed. Many of our players are extremely fast, and I believe it will be key for us to use that to our advantage this season.


2020-21 record: 11-10 (Lost to Port Allegany in D9 1A quarterfinals)
Head coach: Jess Quinn
Top returning players: Jordan Best (Sr. G, 8.4 ppg), Noel Anthony (Sr. G, 4.6 ppg), Payton Simko (Sr. G, 5.6 ppg), Rebekah Ketner (Sr. F, 1.8 ppg)
Starters Lost from 2020-21: Ava Cherico, Erica Selfridge
Key newcomers: Taylor Alston (So. G/F), Gia Babington (So. G), Sophie Babington (Fr. G)
Coach’s keys to the season: The keys to our season will be to have a balanced attack on offense and to continue our strong defense from last season. Our Senior leadership will definitely help us with Noel Anthony taking care of the ball handling for us and Jordan, Payton and Rebekah being key factors on the floor on both sides of the ball.
Our plan is to make teams earn every point they get and carry over the defensive effort we gave last year, while at the same time upping our offensive performance.



2020-21 record: 7-12 (Lost to Brockway in D9 Class 2A semifinals)
Head coach: Gus Simpson
Top returning players: Frances Milliron (Sr. 13.5 ppg), Kendall Dunn (Jr. 7.9 ppg), Lexi Coull (So. 4.9 ppg), Alyssa Wiant (So. 3.1 ppg), Kylie Mumford (Sr.),
Starters Lost from 2020-21:
Key newcomers: Cara Runyan (Sr.), Katera Sebastian-Sims (So.), Alex Leadbetter (So.), Grace Shick (So.), Jenna Dunn (Fr.), Casey Love (Fr.), Samantha Simpson (Fr.)
Coach’s keys to the season: Our controlled aggressiveness. We want to play up tempo If we can play hard for four quarters we will be successful.


2020-21 record: 10-12 (Lost to St. Marys in D9 3A title game)
Head coach: Melissa Helsel (1st season)
Top returning players: Alaina Fedder (Jr. F/C, 1.6 ppg), Emma Hipps (Sr. G/F, 11.9 ppg), Alayna Winters (So. G, 1.1 ppg), Lauryn Kitchen (Sr. G, 2.2 ppg), Riley Ryen (Jr. G, 6.4 ppg), Cayleigh Walker (So. F, 5.9 ppg),
Starters Lost from 2020-21: Megan Durandetta, Paige Rhine
Key newcomers: Arika Jones (So. G/F), Hannah Glunt (Fr. G/F), Jaylee Gill (So. R), Kinley Reed (Fr. G/F), Taylor Hudson (So. G)
Coach’s keys to the season: I think our biggest strength at this point is having athletes on the team. They understand what it takes to be successful from the other sports they play and that mindset will carry over on the court. We are teaching them a new system both on the offensive and defensive end. The Mountain League is always tough so we are looking forward to seeing how we match up with the competition and what areas we need to focus on to improve our overall structure. Our coaching staff is full of knowledgeable individuals with Jess Glunt Whitney Ferguson and Jayme Spence working with our elementary program that has over 30 girls participating. Maureen Mills and Kellie Swales are heading up our Junior High program with 20 girls on the roster. I will be assisted by Sandy Bailor, Mandy Wolfel, Rachel Thompson, Corey Bookhamer, McLain Alt.


2020-21 record: 4-11
Head coach: Carrie Melat
Top returning players: Maddy Munyak (Sr., 2.0 ppg), Ayanna Ferringer (So., 2.4 ppg), Rylee Coe (Soph, 0.3 ppg), Jerica Hepler (Jr. Currently out with injury)
Starters Lost from 2020-21: Ava Ferringer, Kaia Dean
Key newcomers: Sarah Schoch (Fr.), Allison Rembold (Fr.), Keelie Schneider (Fr.), Brooke Ley (Fr.), Haylie Gregory (Fr.), Cassie Scarborough (Fr.), Mackenzie Snyder (So.), Sametta Johnson (So.), Apryl Vassell (Sr.), Lauren McTiernan (Sr.)
Coach’s keys to the season: Play hard – we are young and inexperienced; hoping we can out hustle and outwork our opponents. Learning and adapting to the speed of the game at the JV/Varsity level; being able to learn from our mistakes and focus on correcting them. Staying healthy so we can compete at the JV level (instead of Varsity ONLY like last year). It’s imperative that our younger players get to play and gain some confidence at the JV level.
2020-21 record: 20-2 (Beat Otto-Eldred in D9 Class 1A title; Lost to eventual PIAA champion Bishop Guilfoyle in PIAA quarterfinals)
Head coach: Joe Bunnell (1st season)
Top returning players: Liz Frame (Sr. PG, 9.2 ppg), Emma Chambers (Jr. SF, 4 ppg), Belle Porterfield (Jr. G, 3.2 ppg), Sierra Myers (So. F/C, 3 ppg), Savannah Myers (So. G, 2.0 ppg)
Starters Lost from 2020-21: Sarah Chambers (1,000-point scorer – 1,259 points), Roz Page
Key newcomers: Hallie Rigas (So. F), Mady Dubots Angood (So. G), Olivia Fink (Fr. F/C)
Coach’s keys to the season: How soon some of our younger girls develop will be key in determining our success this year. Also, I believe one of our keys to the season will be executing on the offensive end in the half-court setting. I feel we will be pretty solid once again on the defensive end but am looking for some improvement in our offensive execution. If that happens we should be able to compete with most teams we come up against.


2020-21 record: 5-11
Head coach: Bob Desmett
Top returning players: Alyssa Bakaysa (Sr., F/C, 13.4 ppg), Joslynne Freyer (Sr., G, 5.5 ppg), Austyn Guiher (Sr., G, 1.4 ppg), Kyra Henry (Sr., F, 5.1 ppg), Skylar Pentz (Jr., G, 6.8 ppg), Rachelle Anderson (Jr., PG, 13 games, 2 points), Jaiden Weber (Jr., F/C, 13 games, 3 points), Desaray Cossar (Sr., G/F, 13 games, 4 points)
Starters Lost from 2020-21: None
Key newcomers: Addison Butler (Fr., G), Karleigh Freyer (Fr., F), Janelle Passmore (Fr., G), Brooklyn Price (Fr., G)
Coach’s keys to the season: With the number of letter winners returning, we have high hopes for a good season. We expect them to step up and be leaders. This year will be a learning experience for us all because we have moved to the ICC and there are some teams that we have never played. We also have a good number of underclassmen and we gained four freshmen. We look to use our depth on the bench, keeping good rotations, and fresh legs. We have a great group of young ladies and we see the talent everyone has. We plan to use every bit of their talents and pinpoint their strengths.



2020-21 record: 13-8 (Lost to Hollidaysburg in D6-9 Class 5A semifinals)
Head coach: Rod Thompson (1st season)
Top returning players: Alexas Pfeufer (4.4 ppg), Madison Rusnica (5.7 ppg), Allie Snyder (2.8 ppg), Izzy Geist-Salone (2.2 ppg), Brooke Chewning (1.2 ppg), Abby Geist-Salone (1.0 ppg)
Starters Lost from 2020-21:
Key newcomers: Bri Weible, Madi Eckle, Lynx Lander, Teagan Runyon, Maddie Orzechowski, Rylee Werner, Kam Fontaine, Abbie McCoy, Autumn Wilmoth
Coach’s keys to the season: We need to find leadership from girls who haven’t been in that role yet. Our goal is to instill that leadership. The main thing is defense. I can’t emphasize that enough. We try to control the things we can control. Intensity and pressure in the half-court … brand ourselves as a defensive team Be patient, defensive, patience on offense and execution. Don’t let anyone work harder than you. Do footwork the right way and work on our skills.


2020-21 record: 8-14 (Lost to Union in D9 1A first round)
Head coach: Jordan Hoover
Top returning players: Kayley Risser (So. F, 12.9 ppg), Faith Jacob (Jr. G/F, 9.4 ppg), Jessy Frank (So. G, 7.4 ppg)
Starters Lost from 2020-21: Paris Farley, JoAnne Case
Key newcomers: Lexi Berta (So.), Marina Hanes (Fr.), Emma Elensk (Fr.), Hope Jacob (Fr.), Lauren Jenkins (Fr.)
Coach’s keys to the season: The key to our season is finding way to manufacture tempo. This team has been very good in the open floor for several reasons. One, we are an athletic team capable of causing turnovers and pushing the other way. Also, we are quick to push out of rebounds because in many of our lineups all 5 girls can initiate our offense straight from a rebound. Risser and Jacob give us that ability in that both can rebound and push as the point guard or play the post. Their versatility is key to our offense. Although we have athletes capable of isolating, we have preached ball movement and people movement all offseason. I’m expecting this to be the best passing group I have ever coached. The girls have really bought in and it’s created an unselfish and fun environment. It gives us a very high ceiling for the season because we are capable of generating good looks from several different people on any possession. Our biggest key is continuing to work hard and improve at practice. We have what could be a perfect storm in the sense that we have a very talented, but young team. However, this is also oddly enough a very experienced team. We only have three upperclassmen- Sophia Ginther (SR), Faith Jacob (JR), and Rose Whipple (JR) and all three have starting experience. Additionally, Lauren Davidson (SO) and Sara Hugler (SO) both started games last year (Davison as a regular fixture in the starting lineup). With this experience, I expect the girls to have high expectations for the season and not fall into a trap of saying “we are too young.” We do have freshmen who will play but it’s because they are talented and have earned that right. Competing at practice with each other on a nightly basis will determine how far we go.


2020-21 record: 17-7 (Lost to Otto-Eldred in D9 1A semifinals)
Head coach: Ken Pistner
Top returning players: Tori Newton (So. F, 7.8 ppg), Sydney Alexander (So. F, 10.4 ppg), Lucy Klawuhn (So. G, 5.9 ppg)
Starters Lost from 2020-21: Julia Aikens, Brooke Bauer
Key newcomers: Emily Mourer (So. C), Sami Straub (So. G), Madison Marzullo (Jr. F), Gabby Weisner (Jr. G
Coach’s keys to the season: We have a strong core back from last year and as a whole are one of the more competitive teams I have ever coached. Our strength is we are athletic with some size. We have a young team with depth. The key will be to develop a good player rotation that takes advantage of our depth.


2020-21 record: 3-11
Head coach: Susie Grumley
Top returning players: Kaci Stelene (Sr, F, 10.1 ppg, 9.4 rpg), Tess Kocjancic (Sr., G/F, 2.9 ppg, 2.5 rpg, 2.0 spg), Annasophia Stauffer (Jr., G, 8.1 ppg, 3.4 rpg, 2.0 spg), Emma Myers (Jr., F/G, 1.4 ppg, 2.6 rpg), Maria Casilio (So., G, 1.7 ppg, 1.8 spg, 1.3 rpg), Cadence Brechtel (So., G, 1 rpg, 1 ppg)
Starters Lost from 2020-21: Ella Lindberg, Julia Jones
Key newcomers: None
Coach’s keys to the season: Continue to play as a team and trust each other on the court … Play within our game plan. Play the type of game we want to play and not give the other team the opportunity to dictate play


2020-21 record: 5-10 (Lost to Keystone in D9 2A semifinals)
Head coach: Brian Wymer (1st season)
Top returning players: Aubri Haight (Sr. F, 1.2 ppg), Sammi Hulings (Sr. F, 1.4 ppg), Sadie Walter (2.3 ppg)
Starters Lost from 2020-21: Sarri Swanson, Madi Koza, Rainee Wright, Emma Ely, Audri Marconi
Key newcomers: Cora Jekielek, Emma Danielson, Rylee Haight, Mia Anderson, Mya Smith
Coach’s keys to the season: We have a young team and do not return any players with extensive varsity experience. Our team needs to become comfortable with the tempo of the varsity game quickly and become comfortable playing read-react basketball. Another key to the season is creating a balanced attack on offense and defense with a young team. We have had good competition at practice, and we are excited for the season.


2020-21 record: 13-9 (Lost to Punxsutawney in D9 Class 3A semifinals)
Head coach: Steve Andreassi
Top returning players: Julia Andreassi (Sr.), Abby Callihan (Sr., 4.2 ppg), Emma Johns (Sr., 11.3 ppg, 667 career points), Brooke Manuel (Sr. 5.0 ppg), Rossi McMillen (Sr., 6.6 ppg), Rose Carden (Jr. 4.2 ppg), Emma Dailey (Jr. 3.4 ppg), Jordan Macurak (Jr.)
Starters Lost from 2020-21:
Key newcomers: Cameryn Booher (Fr.), Chloe Fritch (Fr.), Taylour King (Fr.), Shae Pistorius (Fr.), Savanna Prescott (Fr.), Brooklyn Taylor (Fr.)
Coach’s keys to the season: We have a lot of depth this year like never before, so trying to mesh the more experienced girls with the younger girls will be the biggest challenge. To be successful it will take all 15 players. Also, with this much depth, we have the ability to keep fresh legs throughout all games. I may have a bench that goes 12 or 13 deep at times.


2020-21 record: 19-3 (Beat Brockway in D9 Class 2A title game; Lost to Windber in PIAA 1st round)
Head coach: Andy Traister (1st season)
Top returning players: Jozee Weaver (Sr. G,), Natalie Bowser (Jr. C)
Starters Lost from 2020-21: Emily Lauer (1,000-point scorer – 1,233 points), Madie Dunlap, Danae Hurrelbrink
Key newcomers: Kaylee Wolbert (Sr. G), Sydney Bell (Jr. F), Emma Gruber (So. G), Mia Traister (So. G), Jenna Pierce (Jr. F), Amanda Reyes (So. C), Jill Winters (Fr. G), Ava Patrick (Fr. F), Ashlee Albright (Fr. G), Jerzey Bell (Fr. F)
Coach’s keys to the season: As always playing hard defense and keeping turnovers down are major keys. I think we have to grow like a family as the season goes. We know there are going to be ups and downs, but if we work hard and stick together we could have a really nice team. If we don’t it could be a long year. I like our team a lot and our work ethic and our willingness to learn has been fantastic so far. I think you will see us improve as the season goes.


2020-21 record: 14-10 (Lost to Punxsutawney in D9 3A title game)
Head coach: Dee Arblaster
Top returning players: Catherine Kelly (So. PG, 11.4, 4.9 rebounds, 2.8 assists, and 1.3 steals per game.; Rookie of the Year), Abby Jewart (So., 4.5 ppg), Davina Pry (So., 1.2 ppg), Kendall Sankey (So., 5.5 ppg), Victoria Pry (Sr. 0.8 ppg)
Starters Lost from 2020-21: Aslyn Pry (1,000-point scorer – 1,046 points; District 9 Player of the Year), Abby Rottman, Zoey Hillwig, Camryn Fallen
Key newcomers: Sophia Fleeger (Fr.), Allie Pry (So.)
Coach’s keys to the season: We will need to have consistent play from everyone, our experienced younger players and our only senior Victoria Pry. We will be a different team this year, so patience and determination will be important.


2020-21 record: 8-7 (Lost to Coudersport in D9 1A quarterfinals)
Head coach: Terry Dreihaup
Top returning players: Gwen Siegel (Sr. F, 11 ppg), Amya Green (Sr. G, 4.2 ppg), Clarie Kriebel (Sr. G, 4.0 ppg), Emily Aites (Sr. F, 3.7 ppg), Lauren Lutz (Jr. F, 2.5 ppg), Emma McFarland (Jr. G, 4.0 ppg), Maddison McFarland (Jr. G/F, 1.6 ppg)
Starters Lost from 2020-21: Trinity Thompson, Addison Shaftic
Key newcomers: Maria Bauer (Jr. G/F), Maddie Homan (Jr. G), Olivia Siegel (Jr. G)
Coach’s keys to the season: A. Team Chemistry. With 10 girls to choose from, playing with different girls on the court is a challenge to learn each other’s tendencies both offensively and defensively. Communication between each girl will be key to our success.
B. Efficiency. We have to make every offensive set count. Each play had to result in points or offensive gains.


2020-21 record: 2-13
Head coach: Casey Cady
Top returning players: Abbie Cady (Sr. G/F), Courtney Martin (Sr. G), Megan Hyde (Sr. F), Rebecca Martin (Jr. F)
Starters Lost from 2020-21: Faith Zdrojewski, Aubrey Anderson, Madison Hoopes
Key newcomers: Riley Thompson (Jr. G), Reagan Slawson (So. G), Molly Cady (So. F), Kayden Brown (So. F), Haylee Chapman (So. G)
Coach’s keys to the season: As a team, we are looking to be more of an offensive threat this year. We have been working on our confidence in our shooting as well as taking the “good” shots when they are open.


2020-21 record: 0-3 (Season canceled after 3 games)
Head coach: Clark Cummings (1st season)
Top returning players: Makenzie Mesler (Sr. G/F), Ella Malogrino (Jr. G), Brooke George (So. C),
Starters Lost from 2020-21: Macy West, Jadyn Brabham
Key newcomers: Jenna Freer (Sr. G/F), Allie Bechelli (Jr. F/C), Charlotte Austin-Keech (Fr. G), Makena Manning (Fr. G/F), Layken Enty (Fr. F), Eva West (Fr. F)
Coach’s keys to the season: Last year the team only played seven games due to low numbers and numerous quarantine issues. The team consisted of only five players as there was no JV team. Of the five, only three return. This year we have 15 players and will have a JV team, however, ten of those are Freshmen. Two of our upperclassmen have never played basketball at the JV or varsity levels. We will have to rely greatly on the freshmen to step in and play major varsity minutes. Being my first year with the varsity girls we have an entirely new defensive philosophy to put in and a new offensive system. It is going to take a while for them to get the concepts down, that will be our greatest challenge. The defensive end will be where we will look to make our mark, the offensive side is going to be a struggle. We will look for continued improvement throughout the year and, hopefully, our young players will adjust to the JV and varsity levels sooner rather than later.


2020-21 record: 9-9 (Lost to Coudersport in D9 1A title game)
Head coach: Shawn Gray
Top returning players: Katie Sheeler (Jr. G, 16.1 ppg, 4.5 spg, 3 rpg, 2 apg; 568 career points), Bri Heller (Jr. F 6 ppg), Anna Merry (Jr. G, 3.7 ppg), Suzie Rounsville (Sr. G/F), Hannah Gordon (Sr. F), Brooke Close (Jr. G)
Starters Lost from 2020-21:
Key newcomers: Heidi Gordon (Fr. F), Mackenzie Miller (Fr. F), Kate Rhinehart (So. F), Carrie Drummond (Fr. G/F)
Coach’s keys to the season: This season, we have a ton of minutes, points, and rebounds to replace, but most importantly, we must replace the leadership we got from last year’s seniors. We must replace three starters and lost more than 1/3 of our scoring and almost half of our rebounding from last season. The good news is we return both our leading scorer, Katie Sheeler, and our leading rebounder, Bri Heller. Lucky for us, they have improved significantly from a year ago, and they set the tone for our team along with one new starter Anna Merry. Anna was first off the bench last year and will be expected to score more this season while bringing the same energy and defensive intensity in a starting role this year. Our two seniors, Suzy Rounsville and Hannah Gordon will have to shoulder more of a load than they ever have before, and thus far, they seem to be up to it. Brooke Close will move into the third starting guard spot and has shown new confidence and an ability to score early on. Carrie Drummond has shown she will be able to play at the varsity level as a freshman and Junior Forward Heidi Gordon and Sophomore Forward Kate Rhinehart will get a chance early on to prove they can fill roles coming off the bench. If we rebound well this season, we should have a chance in most of the games we play. We won’t be as deep as we’ve been over the last two seasons, but we expect to be good defensively once again. We will look to play a little faster than in previous seasons, which the team has embraced thus far.


2020-21 record: 13-6 (Lost to Coudersport in D9 1A semifinals)
Head coach: Jamie Evens
Top returning players: Cheyenne Crowe (Sr. G), Rylie Simpson (Sr. G, 1.1 ppg), Evin Stauffer (Jr. G, 6.5 ppg)
Starters Lost from 2020-21: Bree Garzel (1,000-point scorer – 1,080), Gracie Archer, Jade Evens
Key newcomers: Jessica Borowsky (Sr. F), Leigha Nelson (Jr. G), Kayleigha Dowell (So. F), Ella Moses (Fr. G)
Coach’s keys to the season: We have stressed that not one player is going to replace Bree’s production. This will be a total team effort. We will have a size mismatch in most games, so we will rely on our guard play to carry us. We will need to rely on our defense to create offensive opportunities and to limit the opposition’s chances. Rebounding will need to be a total team effort. For the most part, these girls have been in our system and understand what is expected of them. We need everyone to be confident at the offensive end and to be a threat to the opposing defense. With such a small roster, our depth will be limited. We are hoping to get a full JV season to build experience, but it will be a struggle with only five JV players.


2020-21 record: 19-1 (Beat Moniteau in D9 3A title game; Beat Everett in 1st round of PIAA tournament; Lost to Mohawk in PIAA quarterfinals)
Head coach: Mike Carlson ( District 9 Coach of the Year)
Top returning players: Kierstin Riley (Sr. F, 6.1 ppg), Chloe Presloid (Jr. G, 9.2 ppg, 4.8 rpg, 3.3 apg, 3.2 spg), Danielle Griebel (So. G, 7.0 ppg), Maeve Hanley (Sr. F, 0.8 ppg), Amy Poole (Sr. G, 0.7 ppg)
Starters Lost from 2020-21: Sarah Weaver (1,000-point scorer – 1,053), Riley Presloid, Katelyn Griebel
Key newcomers: We have very solid 9th and 10th grade classes that are working hard to provide minutes for us. Right now we have 6 players, that aren’t starting, competing to give us varsity minutes.
Coach’s keys to the season: We will need to play fast and aggressive to make up for our lack of size. We also play a brutal schedule in December. Our huge key will be to learn and bounce back from disappointing minutes or games. There will be mistakes and a ton to learn. Our players and leaders need to see the big picture until we get comfortable playing quickly, get in better shape, and gain experience.


2020-21 record: 15-6 (Lost to Moniteau in D9 3A semifinals)
Head coach: Chris Edmonds
Top returning players: Alivia Huffman (Jr. G, 11.6 ppg), Caylen Rearick (Jr. G, 12.9 ppg, 2.1 rpg, 2.3 spg, Made 54 3-pointers), Madison Foringer (Sr. C, 11.7 ppg, 8.8 rpg, Shot 51.2% (108 of 211) from the field), Claire Clouse (Sr. G, 4.7 ppg), Brooklyn Edmonds (Jr. 1.0 ppg), Ry Smathers (Sr. 2.4 ppg), Katie Davie (Sr. 3.5 ppg)
Starters Lost from 2020-21: Emma Huffman
Key newcomers: Mylee Harmon (Fr. G), Kira Bonanno (Fr. C),
Coach’s keys to the season: The keys to the season is to trust the process and everyone to accept their role. We want to keep building on the process that we have established the last few years. We are looking forward to getting back to a normal season of games and practices.


2020-21 record: 1-7
Head coach: Jason Schriber (1st season)
Top returning players: Julie Peterson (Sr. G, 8.0 ppg), Payton Delhunty (Sr. G, 4.9 ppg), Carli Thomas (Sr. F, 1.8 ppg), Jenna Kasmierski (So. G/F, 6.0 ppg), Kristen Ellenberger (So. G, 1.2 ppg), Kaitlyn Amacher (Sr. G), Gabby Amacher (So. G)
Starters Lost from 2020-21: Eve Cobaugh
Key newcomers: Alesha Shirey (Jr. G), Emma Vargas (Fr. G), Sophia Copella (Fr. G), Melaina Wolfe (Fr. G), Meghan Tettis (Fr. F), Grace Bon (Fr. F)
Coach’s keys to the season: We want to play with control on offense to limit turnovers and have a good shot selection. We also have to improve endurance and play strong man-to-man defense. With no JV last season and limited the year before, several younger players are going to need to mature on the court quickly.


2020-21 record: 15-5 (Beat Clearfield in D9 Class 4A title game; Lost to Villa Maria in D9-10 subregional)
Head coach: Michael Franciscus
Top returning players: Isabelle Caskey (Sr. F, 5.9 ppg), Abigail Erich (Sr. G, 1.6 ppg), Isabella Catalone (Jr. G, 1.6 ppg), Olivia Eckels (Jr. F, 1.9 ppg), Jayssa Snelick (So. G, 4.8 ppg), Maura Caskey (So. F, 3.3 ppg)
Starters Lost from 2020-21: Kyla Johnson, Samantha Hayes, Jade Lindemuth
Key newcomers: Holly Anthony (Sr. F), Rosa DePrater (Jr. F), Alexa Schneider (So. G), Jianna Gerg (So. G), Ava Johnson (So. G)
Coach’s keys to the season: Our keys to success for this season will be to maintain the strong work ethic that we’ve exhibited throughout the early part of this year, to compete hard on every single possession throughout the season, and to make good decisions both on and off the court throughout the year. If we can do these things, we truly believe that we will be able to achieve success throughout the season.


2020-21 record: 2-15
Head coach: Chad Goodman
Top returning players: Danielle Nelson (Sr., G, 3.9 ppg, 4 rpg, 3 apg), Sabrina Tanner (Sr., F, 4.0 ppg, 5 rpg), Coryn McClain (Sr., F, 5.2 ppg, 6 rpg), Abby Lutz (Jr., G, 4.6 ppg, 3 apg), Elizabeth Hungiville (So., F/G, 8.4 ppg, 7 rpg)
Starters Lost from 2020-21: None
Key newcomers: None given
Coach’s keys to the season: Get in rhythm offensively early on in games and not fall behind … Use our height to our advantage on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball … Having good numbers this year will allow our starters to be fresh at the beginning of games, unlike last year where they were asked to play both the JV and varsity games.


2020-21 record: 12-11 (Lost to Otto-Eldred in D9 1A quarterfinals)
Head coach: Aly Kepple
Top returning players: Dominika Logue (Sr. F, 16.5 ppg, 8.0 rpg, 2.7 apg, 2.7 spg, 1,069 career points), Keira Croyle (Sr. G, 8.0 ppg), Hailey Kriebel (Sr. G, 5.9 ppg), Kennedy Vogle (Jr. G, 5.6 ppg), Abby Gruver (Sr. F, 0.5 ppg), Katie Gezik (Jr. F, 0.9 ppg), Hailey Theuret (Jr. G, 2.1 ppg)
Starters Lost from 2020-21: Maggie Minick
Key newcomers: Allie Conner (So. G), Cheyenne Dowling (So. F), Kya Wetzel (Fr. G/F)
Coach’s keys to the season: Win the battle at the boards, be “all in” in everything we do


2020-21 record: 4-14
Head coach: Skip Homan
Top returning players: Lily Homan (So. PG 14 ppg), Kennedy Liederbach (So. G 6.2 ppg), Mariah Wessell (Jr. 5.7 ppg), Allison Stewart (Sr. F 3 ppg), Molly Mietus (So. F 7 ppg), Sadie Kalajmaka (So.), Morgan Weddell (Soph,)
Starters Lost from 2020-21:
Key newcomers:
Coach’s keys to the season: Main keys are getting more scoring out of other players and we have worked on post defense and increasing our rebounds. Our girls have gotten stronger but are still young but we have gained a lot of experience from last year

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